Fired at FiftyHave you found yourself in a position where you were out of work and fifty-ish?

There seems to be a trend in the workplace these days not to hire people who are over fifty. Have you noticed?
When I was "Fired at Fifty" (title of my book), I discovered that there were some very prominent and questionable strategies being exercised in the workplace.
I sent out many resume's and had four interviews as a result. Out of those interviews, I had one job offer... for $10/hr. I politely told the HR Director that I would let them know my answer.
At this point, my whole life flashed before me. What was I going to do? I could not afford to spend eight hours a day for only ten dollars an hour. That would mean that I would have to work three jobs! When would I sleep?
Talk about being frustrated, exasperated, discouraged, and angry all at the same time!
Here is what I discovered:
1. There is a genuine concern about employee commitment to the company. Companies want to know that they are hiring dedicated employees, and people who will be with the company for a long time; people who will have a vested interest, who want to make a career of working with the company. When the HR Manager interviews someone with "grey" hair, they wonder if this person will work for a few months or a year and then leave the company to retire.
2. Can I afford you? This is the next question that the HR Manager will think when they are interviewing potential employees. Often corporations will opt into hiring much younger employees because they figure that they can train them up into the required position and the extra cost of mistakes and training will be worthwhile. Hence the familiar quote, "They feel they can hire two twenty-year-olds in place of one fifty-year-old.".
3. Will they use our extended health benefits more and drive our monthly premiums higher? The statistics show that the older employees tend to use the extended medical benefits more than their younger cohorts. So, corporations want to hire younger staff members and keep their extended medical premiums from climbing exponentially.
4. Employees in their fifties are being "side-slipped". Corporations design a new position in the company that the fifty year old does not qualify for. Then the corporation arranges for the existing position to disappear, thus eliminating the fifty-ish employee. I call is "expulsion by deletion".
5. It is less obvious that a company is eliminating employees to avoid paying retirement pensions when they pink-slip them in their fifties. If they wait and lay off an employee in their sixties, it is more obvious that the company is trying to avoid paying any retirement benefits, and the employees can have recourse against the company...especially if the employee is let go just before their sixty-fifth birthday.
What do we do when we find ourselves in this position in life?
Here is what I did: I sat down and listed all my strengths and how I could make use of them to earn an income. This has given me freedom to make my own decisions and also be happy with what I am doing, because it is more like fun than work.
Would you like to do "fun work". Try working for yourself in your strengths.
If you have found yourself in a similar position in life, you can get some help with this book: "Fired at Fifty: Stop looking for work and discover what you were meant to do." Order through my website or or or Amazon.UK.
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3 Major Beliefs That Just Do Not Hold Up:

 #1. People Cannot Change.

People can and do positively change. With a simple-to-learn system, you can have tools at your command to help yourself and others eliminate unconstructive habits and beliefs creating permanent positive change. Imagine the positive change you could orchestrate.

 #2.  Your Strength Lies In Your Will Power And Resolve.

Dr. Bruce Lipton in “The Wisdom of Your Cells” conveys his research that,

"95% to 99% of our daily behaviours are operated by our subconscious mind.” And “Our subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind."


What this means is that while you are forcefully exerting your will power, it is really the subconscious mind that is running the show. Your real strength lies in harnessing the full power of the subconscious mind, working in harmonious tandem with the conscious mind. Discover how to put the full power of your subconscious mind to work for you – instead of against you.


  #3. Conflict and Friction Is The Natural State That Fosters Good Results.

Cooperation is the frontrunner, out-pacing Competition, and is now ruling the day.  Both current research and ancient wisdom point out, in no uncertain terms, that when people work harmoniously together with cooperation and mutual respect, the ultimate result is greater productivity and employee satisfaction. Consider how you can contribute to an environment that nurtures and sustains the best results for all.

 Learn More about what it takes TODAY to Lead with Logic and Heart, and have the skill to Stand Out Like a STAR in your field.


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Become an Indispensable Asset and Driver of Positive Change for Yourself, Your Teams and Your Organization.

 Discover How to Bring Out the Very Best in Your People


    Recognize: Acknowledge and amplify the strengths and contribution of every person on the team.


    Engage: Be a Team Leader that can engage every person at every level of an organization to create a powerful synergy.


    Create the Racetrack: Pave the way so your people can efficiently and effectively do their work with maximum success. Everybody Wins!


    Provide The Support: Acquire the coaching tools and skills that will greatly expand your leadership competencies and communication skills. Have at your command the ability to peaceably resolve conflict and create the work environment that supports positive development and growth.



Learn More about what it takes TODAY to Lead with Logic and Heart, and have the skill to Stand Out Like a STAR in your field.


You are invited to join Global Master Coach and Trainer, Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach™, for a

Free Training Webinar, custom-designed for Corporate Professionals.


Register NOW for the Free “BE A STAR” Webinar: 5 Secret Insights To Be a  Brilliant Driver of Positive Change.

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Your Subconscious Mind holds ALL the Power of a Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein or Bill Gates!


"95% to 99% of our daily behaviours are operated by our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind."

- Dr. Bruce Lipton, “The Wisdom of Your Cells


How does this apply to you?

While you are busy setting plans in motion, intently and consciously, it is really your subconscious mind that is running the show...

Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind must be in agreement to achieve your goals.


Discover How to Access and Activate your Subconscious Mind to:

   Discover how you are programmed!  Are you projecting mostly positive thoughts or negative ones?

   Put the full power of your subconscious mind to work for you, instead of against you

    Change limiting habits and behaviours that sabotage your best intentions

    Find your Blind Spots and get rid of them Forever

    Remove obstacles and roadblocks stopping you at every step and turn

    Be an absolutely Brilliant, Innovative Leader of Positive Change


Learn More about what it takes TODAY to Rise and Shine Brilliantly and Stand Out Like a STAR in your field.


You are invited to join Global Master Coach and Trainer, Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach™, for a

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The 3 Massive Mistakes Professionals Make That Keep Them Stuck, Dissatisfied, & Unsuccessful…

#1. Lack of Belief in Self 
Successful Professionals believe in themselves. They have the tools and skills to check out their conscious and subconscious beliefs daily. They identify their fears and unconstructive beliefs that sabotage success, and coach them out.

#2.  Look for Excuses & Blame Rather Than Solutions
Successful Professionals take responsibility for outcomes. Rather than seeking to justify or pin blame, they look for innovative solutions that will propel them and others positively forward. They have acquired the coaching tools and skills to identify and remove roadblocks, both conscious and subconscious, stopping the progress toward goals and desired growth. 

#3.  Lack of Investment in Relationships
Successful Professionals understand the strength, power and productivity that comes from investing in building strong relationships founded in respect, integrity, and commitment. They have acquired the coaching tools and skills to engage people at all levels of an organization, that help remove the barriers within themselves and others, increasing positive communication, interaction and peacefulness.

Discover the Secret to open the door of success for yourself and others by understanding:
How to access the full power of your subconscious mind – your power center.
How to amplify your strengths and Lead-Strong with both Logic and Heart.
How to be a driver of Positive Change for yourself and your organization.

Learn More about what it takes TODAY to Lead with Logic and Heart,                                                       and have the skill to Stand Out Like a STAR in your field.

You are invited to join Global Master Coach and Trainer, Betska K-Burr, The Guru Coach™, for a Free Training Webinar, custom designed for Corporate Professionals.

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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to deliver my insights on Using the Basic Version of LinkedIn to Generate Sales Leads to the great Kitsilano Chamber Morning Business Seminars  Meet-Up Group.

A short, and great summary of my talk has been re-Coursed by the team at re-Course and is now available to view on your mobile for free. You can find it at:

Diana Ng, also known as the Labyrinth Lady in her community, is a facilitator, speaker, and educational consultant whose passion is to offer leadership insights to non-profit groups, corporations and government agencies.

She is highly trained and experienced in her field with over twenty years working in health care, non-profit and government organizations.Labyrinth

She earned a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University and is a Registered Nurse with numerous certifications.

She is committed to life-long growth and to helping others develop through sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge. This broad and diverse experience base is the major contribution to her consulting effectiveness.

Diana Ng’s Consultancy offers services in:  Developing leadership to build staff potential; Common visioning to create a cohesive organization; Fostering appreciation for diversity to strengthen your organization; Strategic planning to set your organization on the right path; Team building of organizations for optimal effectiveness and maximal return on investment; Designing and building customized permanent labyrinths in gardens, hospitals, schools and other organizations.

Consultation and Facilitation are available in a variety of formats:

* Inclusive group facilitations

* Workshops and seminars that focus on strengths, recognize contributions and celebrate achievements

* Inspiring speaking engagements

* Compassionate life coaching/mentoring in forms of "walk and talk" and "tea and chat"

Benefits to Your Organization:

* Reduce absenteeism

* Increase productivity

* Decrease conflicts

* Sharpen focus

* Enhance collaboration

* Heighten creativity

* Develop teamwork

* Reclaim peace

Diana Ng
Diana Ng

* Promote problem-solving skills

In a world where change is constant, we inspire people and organizations to lead with peace and possibilities.

Meet Diana:  
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Bill Baylis
Bill Baylis

After learning the ropes of marketing strategies, sales techniques and billing optimization strategies, Bill developed his own unique and highly successful approach to mastering business growth. Utilizing these skills, which combine strategic marketing, social media, and aggressive internal training for his partner companies, Bill has gained a reputation as a stellar player with the highest integrity, leading clients to seek out his collaborative approach to marketing through business partnerships, as well as by attending his seminars, workshops, and tele-seminars.

Remaining on the cutting edge of business strategy and marketing through social media, client relations, leadership and marketing education is both the key to Bill’s success, and one of his favorite hobbies. Bill takes pride in seeing the businesses he works with grow, regardless of economic climate. His continued educational pursuits ensure that he’s able to lead the way to bigger and better results for each and every one of his clients, and his approachable and passionate persona makes him one of the most sought after professionals in his field.

Bill resides on Long Island, NY with his wife Susan, and his twin sons Nicolas and Brady. An active member of his community, he enjoys golf, hockey, meditation and a good backyard barbecue.

Meet Bill:

bill@onlinemarketingmuscle.comOnline Marketing Muscle

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Rob Riches is an eclectic mix of skills, motivations and achievements, not to mention a key move to Canada as an immigrant from the UK. He is trained in Electrical Engineering, Transcendental Meditation, and is a career teacher at both polytechnic and high school levels.

Rob Riches
Rob Riches

He chose to take Electrical Engineering to further his interest in Mathematics (or so he thought) and found it to be tough, however, he emerged with rigorous thinking skills. Rob experienced huge differences between the two cultures, and became disheartened and unable to make the leap from one culture to another.

He took up Transcendental meditation as a means to relieve the tension.  While it did that to a small extent, it opened up his life to a number of possibilities he hadn't even known existed through the exaltation of inner being.

Rob learnt to teach at BCIT, and then really learned how to teach at a state school in South London, where he added becoming both a social worker and cop.  Here Rob developed his coaching skills as the students were so different in their motivation and ability that any class plan only addressed a few students, and he discovered the real learning occurred during individual coaching sessions.

Add to all of this his own autonomous nature, a driving desire to be self reliant with an empathic gift and passion for creating health, and an ambition to invent something that would make a contribution, he has developed Soul Dynamics, Emotional Adjustment and an Emotional Goal setting course.

Rob was born thinking everything was wrong, never willing to accept the official version of reality and determined to find the 'truth.'  He has a natural gift for healing, and has decide to focus on emotional healing as it is both overlooked while being the key to continuing good health.

Rob is a firm believer in a person doing what they can for themselves before consulting the experts.

Book a time to meet:

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As far back as Suzanne can remember, she has always been a planner and enjoyed helping others.  She started her career working as a Registered Nurse for 11 years in Manitoba while

Suzanne Fontaine
Suzanne Fontaine

working on her Bachelor of Arts and eventually her Masters in Administration.  She moved into health care management and worked on projects in 1996 until 2008 when she decided to return to school to complete her Project Management certificate at UBC.  Suzanne shifted her career into project management and wrote her Project Management Profession (PMP) designation in 2009.

Late 2011, Suzanne made the conscious decision that she would start her own business “ProActive Pathways Consulting Inc”. to work with small and medium size businesses to lead and manage their projects.  She joined a Mastermind Group in preparation of going into business and attended various groups during 2011 and 2012. Mastermind Groups are based on Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” from 1937 which is still very much applicable in today’s world.  She found some groups provided great value while others did not.  As a new business owner, Suzanne frequently networked and began to note many entrepreneurs and small business owners could accomplish much more and move further ahead in their business, if they were part of a Mastermind Group.  Many business owners were proficient in their specific skill and the main reason for starting their business but had limited business know-how and experience.  Often they were unaware of the impact it was having on their business survival.  Suzanne quickly realized the importance of being part of a Mastermind Group and what it could do for one’s business. Therefore, in 2013 she decided she would start her own group, “PLAN for Success Mastermind Group” to meet this critical need.

Suzanne instinctively knew her expertise in planning, strategizing, business systems and processes, and being able to see the big picture along with the details could benefit and help many business owners.  That passion shines when speaking with her, in her desire to coach and work with business owners to facilitate these Mastermind Group meetings.  Any business owner who makes the commitment to themselves, their business and the group will revel in great results.  By them coming together as a community to support, provide advice and feedback, challenge, motivate and hold each other accountable to achieve their goals, they will advance their business more rapidly and ensure sustainability.  As Ken Blanchard indicated:

“None of us are as smart as all of us.”

Hence, instead of the use of one mind working on the business, in a Mastermind Group you have a community of many minds to guide, mentor and coach each other.  Consequently this propels everyone within the group to learn, grow, as well as move ahead by organizing and strategizing their business for positive and successful results.

Suzanne invites you to take the necessary steps to “PLAN for Your Success”.  If you are interested in finding out more about the “PLAN for Success Mastermind Groups”, please contact her to book your free 30 minute consultant at:


Suzanne welcomes any questions you may have. To reserve a free assessment, you can contact her by several methods:

Phone: 604-789-3307

Jim Rohn stated:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Successful people associate themselves with others who are positive, successful and are working towards similar goals.

Next workshop:

YMCA Hotel on Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC - December 4th: 


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