Have you wondered what it takes to become successful in your own business?Womanition

It is my privilege to watch this famously successful business woman in action!
Dorothy Briggs is the founder and publisher of "Womanition" and "Vavasaur" Magazines, profiling men and women in business, entrepreneurs with products and services to sell, along with "Divorce Magazine Canada" which is a resource for people going through a loss, separation or divorce.
Womanition has become a CULTURE... a union of entrepreneurial women who are actively contributing to and improving Alberta's business environment in the following ways:
Dorothy has become a "connector extraordinaire" for small business entrepreneurs by establishing FIVE NETWORKING GROUPS which operate monthly in the surrounding Edmonton areas, encouraging business connections throughout the various communities.  There are no membership fees or monthly dues.  The attendee pays when they attend making these meetings available to all socioeconomic groups.
The "Womanition Bizbrigade - Leadership Conference" was created by Dorothy as a one day conference with a specific format and is held twice per year in Edmonton, reaching hundreds of people to educate, inspire and motivate!
Ms. Briggs has initiated a 6 month Mentorship Program where mentors and proge'ge's are matched up to encourage commitment and accountability in today's female business leaders.  The program focuses on many areas of business with 'expert in their field' mentoring.

The Womanition SuPEARLative Awards - "Pearls in her Profession", was created by Ms. Briggs to recognize outstanding Alberta Women in 6 categories.  These women will be honoured at a gala luncheon event February 28th, 2015 to celebrate their achievements.

Dorothy Briggs' "Womanition Magazine", has won three platinum and three gold trophies in The Marcom Publishing Awards' category of "Design - Special Edition Magazine".  In 2014, the Womanition Magazine also won the GOLD Hermes International Award for Design and Advertising.
Meet Dorothy:01 Dorothy Briggs Final 4x6-9546
Twitter: @womanition
Phone: 780-761-3000


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May of 2009 I was literally dragged into LinkedIn kicking and screaming! I did not want to have anything to do with any kind of online platforms, other than email and Googling information. I was excellent at "Googling It"!

One day lightening struck and I woke up to the fact that I needed to be using at least the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter! I had to prove a point to my then boss at a senior home care company that I was the sales representative for. He refused to pay for any of my time doing online marketing of any kind. I was expected to be out from 9am to 5pm glad-handing with discharge co-ordinators and social workers and senior centers setting up meetings and presentations. So I did this online marketing and podcasting in the evenings on my own time.

Here is what happened: The company's own research showed that 73% of the time seniors made decisions, the kids were involved. -Usually the women. Where were they during the day when I was giving a presentation at a senior center? You got it, they were at work. So I decided to set up my own podcast show, "Eldercare 911", and I became the Eldercare Specialist. I interviewed lawyers on wills and powers of attorney, financial planners about estate planning, and many others about different products and services that seniors might need.

The very first time I posted my podcast through my social media, within an hour I had a response back from a gal who said, "I had no idea that there was something like this available to help me with my 95 year old dad...who is dead!" It was too late for her, but it proved that this is where the gals hung out and that they were under stress from being sandwiched between aging parents and their careers.

I also discovered that the place to be marketing and building relationships was LinkedIn, because that is where the people with money hang out.

1. LinkedIn is the largest and most professional online business network on the internet.

2. Everyone on LinkedIn is there to do business.

3. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years.

4. The average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $125K.

5. 64% of LinkedIn users have college or graduate education.

Where do you think the people are who can afford to buy your “stuff”?

January of 2011, I became The Marketing Mentress with another podcast show, where I interview authors and business associates from all different types of businesses. Most of my business comes from LinkedIn.

Here's the big secret to LinkedIn...it’s great to build a huge network, but the key is to bring those relationships to a face-to-face meeting of some sort. As human beings, we are gregarious and need to communicate live. We need to see mannerisms, facial expressions, and feel your enthusiasm.

We create the relationships online, but the key is bringing those relationships offline. That is where real business gets done!

Watch for more of my story in my next blog.

Got a LinkedIn question? Feel free to email me and I will answer it in my next blog.

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.


Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress





Have you found someone on LinkedIn that is a great center of influence, that you would love to connect with and help through your network? Then when you send them a connection request, they “decline” it? I have always wondered why people do that?

There they are, on the largest platform for business in the world, virtually everyone on this platform is here to do business, and then they decline our connection requests. I have over 23 million in my extended reach on LinkedIn, and you would think that people would be curious as to how I could help them through my network. To me it is a no-brainer. I will connect with most everyone because I also am looking at who they are connected to.

Here is an example: You know your local politician, and you send them a request to connect to help eachother through our networks. They decline the request. I wonder if they really want my vote after all. That isn’t the only question that arises, what about the influence I have on all my connections regarding that politician? If they do not want to accept connections on LinkedIn, then why are they there? People have no idea how much influence I might have, with my audience and this is just one example.

LinkedIn is the most professional social platform for business that is available on the net. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years, and the average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $125K. Compared to Facebook’s average annual income of $25k per person, where do you think the people are who can afford to buy your “stuff”? -And by extension, where do you think the people are who have the most influence on the voting public…or can contribute to your campaign for office?

This is Christine Till, as in “Till we meet again”, the LinkedIn Marketing Mentress. When you request a connection with me, I always accept. It is not all about me…it is all about you and how I can help you!

Got a LinkedIn question? Feel free to email me and I will answer it in my next blog.

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.


Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress




Christina Hamlett is a media relations expert and award-winning author whose credits include 30 books, 156 plays and hundreds of articles and interviews that appear online and in trade publications worldwide. She is also a screenplay consultant (which means she stops lots of really bad movies from coming to theaters near you) and a professional ghostwriter (which does not mean she talks to dead people).

Listen as Christina enthusiastically shares what inspired her to write "Office For One" and her sincere desire to help the very small business owners understand the tools they need to succeed in business.
"It all Started with a Lemonade Stand" is a great analogy in the first chapter. Who would have thought that so much thought and preparation needed to go into a simple Lemonade Stand? It is a great comparison to business today and all the things that we need to think of in order to have the makings of a successful business.
We also find out how to protect our "stuff" and why we need to do that. Christina shares a great story of a small bakery and their yummy icing recipe... with no calories. Great example of how important it is to protect the recipe and why.
Why do we need a business plan and what is the most important aspect of it? Christina answers this in her stellar fashion.
There are a few cautions and precautions shared that will help us avoid some of the "Rubicons and Burnouts" of being a sole proprietor.
Get your copy of "Office For One":
If you would like to be a guest blogger, get in touch with Christina Hamlett:
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Michelle Tupy is a content and ghost writer focusing on the business, lifestyle and travel genres. She quite happily spends most of her time behind the scenes writing blog posts, Facebook commentary, articles and e-books on behalf of busy managers. She loves to see the work of others appear in print whether on their own blog or website or published on Amazon and likes to assist wherever she can.

Stories that are full of adventure and ideas that build dreams are the kind that Michelle loves to write about.

Michelle is currently working on a couple of long term projects, a love story anthology entitled "Love 
Alters" and a book about an impending road trip from Cusco, Peru to Niagara Falls, Canada entitled "And Off We Went".5564880
Meet Michelle:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view/id=43668862&auth
LinkedIn Company Page: http://marketingmentress.podbean.com/e/and-off-we-went-with-michelle-typy-ghostwriter/?token=f8eb5b31cd041b0951569caee4534562
Email: michelletupy@hotmail.com
Website: www.andoffwewent.comwww.michelletupy.com
Offer your support:
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Personal Finance Mastery: How to get your black belt in managing your money.
Would you like to take control of your personal finances but don't know where to start? Do you find personal finances boring and wish you could have fun with it? 
This book has a unique theme, different from the other books about personal finances.  With the challenged economy and changing demography, nobody can afford not to think about finances.  The time that you could exclusively rely on the government or your employer to take care of your pension and health care has disappeared.IMG_7730 (1)
Imagine you can get a black belt in managing your money and taking control of your personal finances.  The chapters of this book are divided like the color belts in martial arts.  In every chapter you will learn something new and get closer to the goal of having a good understanding about personal finances.
Ali has been working in the financial industry in greater Vancouver since 2004 and holds professional financial planner and certified health insurance specialist designations.
His achievements in martial arts include winning 2 silver medals for Canada in the World Martial Games and winning an award for outstanding contribution to martial arts from the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.
"I do what I do because I enjoy coaching and helping people and have seen firsthand how the lack of money management can be the cause of stress and disruption in families."
Meet Alireza Fadaie:
Get real with your money.6by9 dragon (1)
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Donald Ross has been with Winton Homes for 2.5 years now and is leading the business in a new direction.WintonHomes Logo

Winton Homes has historically supplied small DIY cottages - and now is moving into a new market with a focus on larger custom designed primary and secondary homes.

They still do 'cottages' but in a more upscale style - focusing on current market trends, addressing needs of baby boomers and their families. What Donald has found is that the market is being driven by many baby-boomers. They know exactly what they want and are looking for that something. Winton Homes can give them the design help they need to fit that perfect lot.

Today we discuss the new focus of Winton Homes and the areas of customization they are focusing in. They are also featuring their special offer of the year: 15% off the pricing and 1/2 price on the design.

www.wintonhomes.caDonald Ross


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Donald's high motivation and results driven Sales and Marketing Professionalism in the alcoholic beverage industry for many years, has given him the insight and wisdom needed to help his business stay on the leading edge of the marketplace. He is tenacious and determined to meet objectives through creative program development, sales team leadership and motivation. Donald accomplishes this through his collaborative style.

Leadership and Sales Management positions have helped Donald develop into a polished sales manager who develops sales teams through evaluation, training, detailed account planning and accountability for results. He mentors the sales team and inspires continuous improvement and sharing of best practices contiguous with performance measurement against clearly defined targets and Donald Rossstandards.

Donald brings to his marketing programs superior analytical skills combined with experience in developing detailed sales and marketing plans complimented by a creative flair in marketing program development.

A balanced determination to succeed resulted from his tenacious personality combined with a high ethical business standard, complimented by strong negotiation techniques. Donald is determined to be successful in his field using the highest of integrity and business ethics.

A Winton Packaged Home goes up faster than traditional construction.

  • Walls and roofs are prebuilt.
  • Precision engineered with laser technology.
  • Designed for rapid assembly on a building site.
  • Trucks are loaded in the reverse order of assembly.
  • This is the building system everyone will use in the future.

Ultimately, prefabricated homes are not only better built, they save money and create less waste!  Greener.

Over the past 30 years, the designers at Winton Homes have created thousands of prefabricated home plans to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.WintonHomes Logo

  • Complete custom design.
  • Move a door, add a window.
  • Customize your kitchen and living space.
  • YOU decide what you want.

Bring your vision to our design team and we'll help you create the perfect plan from the ground up.

Meet Donald Ross and his team at www.wintonhomes.ca or call 1.888.296.8059

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The world came crashing in on me January 4, 2011. I walked into my office where I had been working in the capacity of sales and marketing director. An hour later, I walked out of that office having been given my wings! Yup, I was fired!

The common terms you hear are pink-slipped, downsized, side-stepped, out-sourced, or laid off. Let’s face it, if that employer does not have another job for you, you are ‘fired’. . . plain and simple.

After a period of self-pity, I decided that I would search for another job. So I sent out a myriad of resumes and cover letters thinking that I present myself well, and don’t have dementia, so should be able to find work quickly. Well, I got 4 job interviews and one job offer at $10.00 an hour! I was stunned!

What was I going to do…work 3 jobs?

I went to my car and cried. I still had car payments to make and a mortgage to pay. I was at a loss for ideas.

Then I spoke with my son, Michael, and he mentioned that I had been doing podcasting for a while now, and was also very good at sales and marketing. Why not start a Marketing podcast show and coach people how to use LinkedIn?

Voila! The Marketing Mentress was born along with the Marketing Mentress show.

What I did was dig deep to find my strengths and then package them in a way that people would want to use my services…and pay me money.

Once I started networking and meeting others who had found themselves in similar situations, trying to build a brand around themselves and their strengths, I realized that I had finally found my niche, and could help these people, but you don’t just walk up to someone and give them advice, do you. That is how I came to write my book…”Fired at Fifty: Stop looking for work and discover what you were meant to do.”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it. Well it was not so simple. It took me time to find the resources I needed to bring everything I needed together. I found free resources and free coaching services. I traded for services. I did whatever it took to succeed with my brand. –As long as it was legal & morally right.

A few short years ago, I was literally dragged into the 21st Century kicking and screaming. Let’s see if you might have been too.

I figured that I had managed just fine without a cell phone and without a computer for most of my life. Then one day I walked into my office where I had been working as a real estate secretary and there sitting smack in the middle of my desk was an Apple 2e! My beloved IBM Selectric typewriter was gone! I searched everywhere for my beloved typewriter, and it was nowhere to be found. The nerve of my boss to do such a thing. Didn’t he know that he had just cut off my right arm?

How in the world could this be really happening to me? I had seen the fate of the Commodore 64, so to me it was a no-brainer that computers would never succeed further than the rooms full of computers that helped run big business. Come to think of it, I have a good friend who still laughs today about his degree in “Commodore 64”.


It is obvious that more than just one someone did “thunk-it”. Today we have computers everywhere around us. They run cell phones as small as a wrist watch, or as large as those that run automobiles, transportation systems, the petroleum industry, and the list goes on. Here I am typing on a laptop for goodness sakes!

Every once-in-a-while I have the privilege of meeting a business person who does not use a debit machine to perform financial transactions. Even the smallest sole proprietorship at least has a “swiper” these days to help them process purchases for their clients. You know, those square gadgets that plug into your iPhone or Android so you can swipe a credit card and have money deposited directly into your bank account.

In light of today’s high tech lifestyle, it is kind of shocking to find individuals who still choose to remain “in the Ozarks”.

Now using computers and cell phones have become just a small part of the whole online connection that can be utilized in today’s high tech world. Because of this new advanced technology, people and thus business have become mobile. We receive email and messages through our mobile devices. The goal today is to be able to still keep on top of our daily communications, find new products for business, and book appointments while we are out and about.

We as a culture have become totally dependent on technology. Can you imagine not having a microwave or a coffee machine or a stove? Computers are everywhere!

For over 20 years I have been involved with sales and marketing. It used to be that I would use the newspapers and phone books to find leads. –Or I just plain went door-to-door making friends.

Do you remember the good-old-days?

Although we can still find people using the old systems to generate sales, today we depend on more sophisticated means for finding new clients and keeping in touch with them. Instead of sending a physical letter or greeting card, we send email and text messages. –But then how do we become effective using this new type of communication to get sales?

All it takes to succeed with this new marketing medium is:

1.      Hard work.

2.      A system.

3.      Service with integrity.

4.      An unstoppable dream.

Let’s conquer this marketing together! What can I help you with?

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress


Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.


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How long has it been since you rode a bicycle?


Do you remember when you first started to ride a two-wheeled bicycle? It was not a simple thing, was it. If you were like me, you ended up with a few scraped knees, elbows, and a bruised backside...more than once.


Then you finally caught the hang of it and you sailed off down the roadway feeling like you had just been given new wings! Remember? Remember the exhilaration that flushed through your entire body as you actually rode your bicycle all by yourself, no training wheels.


Now think about marketing your business. Are you still trying to market "using training wheels"?


What I am referring to of course, is are you moving your marketing techniques into the 21st century, or are you still using the old school systems? My question then is, are those old systems still working as well as they used to or are you questioning what you need to change or upgrade?


I can hear many voices groaning as you force yourselves to keep reading this blog post. But you know what, I understand where you are coming from.


You are already working twelve to sixteen hour days and are having challenges fitting anything more into your day. This makes me wonder if you are trying to wear all the hats in your business. Does your business rely totally on your own actions? If so, perhaps you need to learn how to delegate.


There are definitely some things that you cannot delegate, but when we have a business, we need to decide what parts of the business only you can do, and what parts you can pay someone else to do for you.


Or perhaps you just don't have the budget that allows you to delegate yet. You will be elated to hear that you can use online systems and social media marketing programs to help gain exposure to a greater market potential with only 30 minutes a day! Yes! I kid you not!


If you are a solopreneur or any type of entrepreneur trying to get connected to your target market, all you need are these few key elements:

1. A computer that works and is connected to high speed internet.

2. Be connected to the three basic platforms of social media - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

3. A social media autoresponder, like SproutSocial.

4. A website with a blog, and a customer connect key.

5. A mentor to help you with your plans.


Sound a little daunting for you?


Try scheduling in a time every day to concentrate on your marketing and start recording ideas on your smart phone to help you get your blog rolling. As thoughts come to you throughout your day, record them on your smart phone. Then when you get to your 30 minutes, you can just sit and write, publish and post. 




Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress



Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking for Work and Discover What You Were Meant To Do.


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