What if you had to leave your home and live in the wilderness? 

How would you like living in a tent for many years and having families out in the wild? There would be no doctors or nurses, just the loving assistance of your mother and sisters when you were giving birth. What would you eat?

Lehi and Ishmael's families were in just this situation. They had to "get out of Dodge" in a hurry, or they would be mobbed by wicked people. They had to run for their lives.

These families had to leave their wealthy lifestyles and now live in a tent!

But there was one child who could truly see and understand the whole scenario. That was Hannah. She could fully understand why they had to leave and the divine plan ahead.

All the children from Lehi and Ishmael's families were of marrying age. However, in those days, you were not allowed to have private conversations with a member of the opposite sex. There must always be someone in the room with you to chaperone. You did not choose your spouse, your parents did that for you.

With Hannah's testimony and strength in the gospel, she was given in marriage to a son of Lehi, Lemuel, who's strength in the Lord was weak. The parents made this match because they thought Hannah would be an influence on her husband for good.

As you read the story, you feel the frustrations and the joys that Hannah feels. You feel her angst with every step she takes. You feel the heat of the day and the dust sticking to her moist skin as she travels in the desert. You feel the grit in her teeth and the deep desire for refreshment that water brings.

"Daughter of Ishmael" grabbed my attention from the beginning and I felt every emotion that Hannah felt. It was as though I was living Hannah's life vicariously through the book.

I felt Hannah's dread and her joy at finally having a son and then losing that son forever as he followed Satan's grasp.

I loved how the epilogue opens the way for a sequel.

There is still hope for Hannah.

Buy Now: http://bit.ly/DaughterOfIshmael  or booksandthings.com

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress


As an award winning international business executive coach and breakthrough strategist, S.T. has successfully worked with top level executives, VIP's, celebrities, sports people, artists and high net worth individuals from all around the world. 

S.T. specializes in working with the client in change management, trouble shooting, expansion, facilitating top performance, excellence coaching, personal breakthroughs, health and wealth creation and preservation, facilitating constructive change in challenging times.

With the client, she creates highly efficient, creative, empowering, tangible and measurable results in a very short period of time. 

Excellent international references. 

Recipient of 'Humanitarian Fellow Award' by Rotary.

'It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.' Charles Darwin

Author Speaker at the 
National Achiever's Congress 2016 in Malaysia
Business Legend 2016 by Legend Magazine USA
Women's Business Virtual Summit 2016 USA

Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (UK) and WomenWay.org (Switzerland)
Member of LeanIn.org (USA)


Have you been wondering how to make the transition from connection to relationship?

This comment from one of my valued connections on LinkedIn speaks to this relationship topic.

"Sadly, I feel that a number of people view LinkedIn connections as a commodity and not appreciating that 'connections or relationships' take time and nurturing.

Perhaps you can post an article as to how people can make positive and personalized introductions - and make themselves compelling, not the other way around as inferred in your post here."

Referring to my blog post "Why Should I Connect With You?"

In that post, I mentioned that connecting to people is not all about connecting, it is all about who they are connected to. I also mentioned that I had received a referral from a connection in Vancouver (I live in the Edmonton, Alberta area) to someone in Calgary, Alberta.

I would never have received that referral if I had not built a solid relationship with the referor.

I will mention here that I am also known as the "Relationship Queen". I work diligently to build relationships with all my connections that build the Know, Like and Trust required for people to want to do business with you.

People want to do business with those they Know, Like and Trust.

Hopefully this does not sound cold.

From experience, when we offer our help in many different ways for free, it always comes back to you. There is no thought of how this will come back to you, you are just interested in truly being a friend and helping your fellow associates, whether you are on LinkedIn or in a personal situation for real life.

The true secret to building solid relationships is that the relationships are built online, but real business gets done offline.

We move the relationship to a face-to-face of some kind via phone conversation, or video call, webinar, workshop, coffee meeting if they are in your local area.

The thought that should permeate our minds is that it is not all about yourself; it is about how many people you can help in some professional way. (I inserted the word, "professional", so people don't let their minds run amuck.)

From experience, I have found that when I conduct myself in this manner, somehow, somewhere it all comes back to me.

After all, we are all on LinkedIn to do business, right!

We want to do business with people we have a good relationship with right!

Building relationships is not all about how many people we are connected to. It is all about how many people we can help to do business through introductions, referrals, wishing them good wishes in their new job or a happy birthday.

Remember that all those connections we have on LinkedIn are people too.

How would you like them to treat you?

Earn $2-5K/month over and above what you earn now.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress




Feeling like you are overwhelmed with all the"little" things in your business?

When you started your business, you set up all the free platforms for your online marketing, and then what? Did you suddenly get business? Did customers come flocking by asking for information on your widget for this and what's-it for that?

I'll bet they didn't.

I'll bet that you got everything all set up and then felt stuck because you had no idea what you were doing or how to use any of the platforms. Am I right, or Am I right.

LinkedIn is where it's at in the book of The Marketing Mentress.

For years I used the free platform because I could direct message people to build the relationships I needed and wanted for business. However,now we can only send 15 free InMails a month, and those can only be used through the group messaging system. If you are using LinkedIn for business, 15 InMails will only last you a few days each month. You can purchase InMails at$10/InMail if you wish, but it is far less costly to just purchase a paid platform.

On the free platform, if you want to make lots of sales through LinkedIn, you need to use many round-a-bout systems to build those relationships. It takes a LOT of time.

How much time do you have for your LinkedIn marketing?

If you are like most business owners, you are feeling like you are "being nibbled to death by a duck". You have a myriad of urgent things pulling at you every day, all screaming for attention. Right!

Here is what I have discovered is needed to make your LinkedIn marketing run on all cylinders.

1. You need to use Sales Navigator, or at least the Business platform. (I went into this in one of my previous blogs. "Why you need to be on a paid platform.")

2. You need to have a profile for business on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest...depending on the type of business you have. Retail businesses gain traction with Yelp as well.

3. You need to use a paid auto-posting platform to pre-schedule your posts. I have tried free platforms, and they are so cumbersome that they did not save me much time. Personally, I recommend Sprout Social. (You get 30 days free trial.) On these platforms, you can connect all your social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Then you can schedule posts to automatically post on different days and at different times of day.

4. You need to use either a cloud platform to store your documents, or continue to purchase external hard drives, but my concern with external hard drives is where do you store these in case of fire, so then you need to purchase a fireproof cabinet to store them in...more costs. DropBox is free. Personally, I prefer this because then I can access my documents from anywhere around the world without having to carry an external hard drive along.

5. You need access to pictures for all your blogs. If you have an iPhone or the like,you can take great pictures, but do you have time to go take, edit and save pictures? I have a solution. 

6. You need to decide where and how often you want to place ads on LinkedIn or other platforms. More nibbling.

7. You need a website that is search engine optimized. If you have a website and it does not have SEO, then your site will be placed way down on page 150! 

"Nibble,Nibble, Nibble mouse! Who is nibbling on my house?"

Hence being "nibbled to death by a duck"!

If you are finding yourself in a position where you are wondering what you need to do next with your LinkedIn marketing, contact me. I can help you make money unleashing the true power of LinkedIn.

Discoverhow to put it all together. - with less $ than if you paid for advertising.


TheMarketing Mentress




Have you gone to LinkedIn to search for someone you know in business?

Networking is part of growing my business. I am very active with it both online and offline. When I meet people at live meetings, I ask for their business card and if it would be ok for me to connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. They usually tell me something like, "Sure, that would be great!"

When I get to my office, first thing I do is pull out the cards I have collected that day and type in each person's name to search for them on LinkedIn. What a revelation! I cannot believe what I find!

Shock! Shock! Shock!

Many times I cannot even find them on LinkedIn. Other times I find several people with the exact same name. When I try to decipher which of the duplicate names is the one I am searching for, I check the headlines.

Know what! More often than I would care to say, there is not even a headline showing.

Now, if I was trying to find them to do business and learn a bit about them before I called them, what kind of impression does that leave with me?

The other day I had a new client in my office. We were working on her profile to bring it up to "killer profile" status. Part of that process is to start inviting all the people my clients know to connect with them on LinkedIn. As we went through her Rolodex, we were surprised to find that 1/3rd of the people we tried to reach out to were not anywhere to be found on LinkedIn!

You spend many marketing dollars in an effort to appear like a center of influence and to elevate yourself as an expert in your field of business. Are you wasting those dollars by having an incomplete online presence?

Not to point fingers at anyone in particular, but I see this a lot. People spend big bucks to be featured in professional magazines or in a newspaper advertisement and do not have a LinkedIn presence.

What kind of an impression do you think that left with my client? Who do you think she will be doing business with in the future...or not?

It is a lot like building a million dollar home on a street of old houses valued at 1/6th the price. All the low valued properties reduce the value of the million dollar property. Mind you, the million dollar property improves the value of the older homes a tiny bit, but not as much as they devalue the expensive one.

I realize that life is busy and it takes time to learn all the social media, but it is free to us to use. All we need is to take some time to set up a profile with some information about our business and ourselves and what inspired us to do what we do.

Further to your online presence, when you agree to be a speaker in an online or offline venue, it is not up to the moderator to remind you. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to be on top of your calendar. It reflects on everyone involved when a speaker does not show up.

It is all about presenting a uniform presence.

What is the impression you are leaving?

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress



Have you been asking an expert for help with your LinkedIn platform lately?

Even though LinkedIn has been around since the turn of the 21st Century, most of the population still do not understand how to use it.

Experts on LinkedIn, have taken years to learn their craft. They carry the equivalent to a masters or doctorate degree in their area of expertise.

The sad part about being an expert with LinkedIn is that because everyone can use it for free, they think that they can just ask the experts for free help. However, the people who have become experts also need to pay their mortgage and put food on the table.

Because of this belief system, many experts like me offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation for people. They can come away from this consultation with concrete tips they can implement immediately to help them with their marketing.

If people want to really get serious about their LinkedIn marketing, there are several inexpensive webinars that they can access. These webinars are held every month, and the main thing that is different about these is that they are mine and I do them live.

Yes, I do record my webinars for distribution to those who registered, so they can refresh their memories. The key here is to understand that when you sign up for one of my webinars, I will be on each webinar live and in person. You can interact and ask questions during each of my webinars.

Because I was there once, I understand what it feels like to be new at online marketing and thus I have tremendous patience. There are no "stupid questions" on my show.

I have also been on a myriad of other people's webinars where the presenter spends the entire time up-selling the attendees to their other paid products or platforms. Because of this disappointment on my behalf, I have made sure that when someone signs up for one of my webinars, they get me live and in person.

When people attend my webinars, they can take away valuable tips and tricks for how to make money with LinkedIn that day. They do not just get one or two tips and then have to purchase the next product.

Here are my live webinars:

MM 101 - Doing it right the first time out. Developing a "Killer Profile".

https://mm101doingitright.eventbrite.ca  This is a beginner level for people with less than 500+ connections. (Second Tuesday - 7-9pm MDT)

MM 202 - The secrets of the groups. How to find your target audience and direct message them through the groups? Making money on LinkedIn!

https://li202groupsarethesecret.eventbrite.ca  This is an intermediate level for people who have been using the platform for at least 6 months and have 500+ connections, or have taken my 101 class. (Third Thursday, 7-9pm MDT)

MM 303 - Putting it all together. Getting your social media on autopilot so you can manage it on 15-30 minutes once or twice a day.

https://li303puttingittogether.eventbrite.ca  This is an advanced level for people who have 500+ connections and have been using the platform for a year or more, or have taken my 101 and 202 classes. (Fourth Thursday, 7-9pm MDT)

There is always an Early Bird rate for each of these webinars. Be sure to register early, so you can capture the Early Bird.

These three webinars run each and every month.

There is a limited seating availability on purpose. In order to offer you the best opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance on the spot, I have elected to keep these webinars small.

Let me help you prosper with LinkedIn.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress



"I only want to connect with people I know and in my area."

Sound familiar?

It is not all about the people you know or in your area. It is about who THEY know.

I am a L.I.O.N. (LinkedIn Open Networker) However, there is a caveat to that. I will not connect with people who do not have a headshot on their profile. It makes me feel like they are hiding something from me.

That said, I have connected with people all over the world. I have coached people about LinkedIn in Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Monaco, UK, all across the US and Canada.

I understand that not everyone is like me and their target market is probably more close to home. But...

Here is an example of what can happen.

I am connected to a gal in Vancouver, BC area. She is connected to a gal in Calgary, AB. The Vancouver gal is chatting with the Calgarian and discovers that she is looking for help with LinkedIn, so the Vancouverite refers the Calgarian, to me.

Voila! New Client!

That's the beauty of LinkedIn and social media.

Who would have thought that if I connected with someone in Vancouver, that they would refer me to someone in Calgary!

This is only one of many similar scenarios.

With all the great technology we have today, we can connect with people and work with them all over the world. If you offer a service, this is easy-peasy. If you have a product, you can always ship it.

Yes, I realize that there are some products and services you cannot ship or conduct at distance like hair dressing and restaurants, but remember it is not all about your direct connections. It is all about who they are connected to.

The next time you go to discard a connection request, think twice.

To learn more about marketing and branding best practices, check out our website.


To get help with LinkedIn, check out my profile page.


Christine Till

The Marketing MentressLinkedIn%2BSquare.jpg

I think I can do it alone; why do I need a coach?

Back when I first started using LinkedIn, I was totally new at any online marketing. I was also afraid of it.

Yup! That was me. Sound familiar?

If I had not had a coach to guide me, I would never have reached success in as short a time period. What took me a month would have probably taken more like a year, because I would have been frustrated then left it for a while, and then come back to it, then left it, and so on. That is what we tend to do when faced with something that is totally foreign to us. It takes time to warm up to the concept and become proficient with it.

When we work with a coach, the time span is shortened to 25% of the time it would take to learn from scratch on your own.

Here's the challenge.

Most all the social media platforms are free, so there is the thinking that we can just open up a business on a 'shoe-string' budget and do it all ourselves at no extra cost.

But what happens is we make many, MANY mistakes. Most of them we are not even aware of. And we lose business as a result of these mistakes.

Because we are unaware of our errors, the would-be customers we would have had, have already gone to our competition.

One of the biggest errors is to post something once a week. Guess what, nobody will see that post. It becomes even worse if we post something once a month.

Then there is the consistency of our platforms. Do they look uniform with your website, or are you just setting them up willy-nilly with everything different and no uniformity?

Did you know that many business owners do not even have a website? If they have one, it is not Search Engine Optimized. They have no idea what that even means.

Are we engaging with our audience?

We are brought back to that trust issue. People buy from people they trust.

Working without a coach ends up costing way more money in time wasted, mistakes made and business lost than it does when we use a professional who knows the ropes.

A coach can show us the best way, the simplest way, and the most efficient way to get the job done and make money.

After all, the bottom line is to make money. That is really what we got into business for isn't it?

Looking for a marketing and branding coach?

Call Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress




The secret to LinkedIn is through the groups; your own group and other's.

The comparisons made here are for those who are utilizing the FREE platform.

Before the big changes in October 2015, there were two types of groups; open groups and closed groups. You could only join up to 50 groups. You could send a message to members of the groups individually without being connected to them.

Since October 2015, there are no more open groups...only closed groups!

What is a closed group?

1. Anyone can ask to join the group.

2. Everyone has to be accepted into the group.

3. You cannot check out the discussion thread to see if the group is one that you want to join before joining.

The owners and managers of the groups can still send out a group message once a week...and LinkedIn monitors these very closely. These messages cannot be sent even 1 minute before the full 7 days are up to send out the next message. But this has always been the case.


You can join up to 100 groups now, which opens up our possible connections considerably.

However, now we cannot send direct messages to the members of the groups, to which we belong.

LinkedIn is in business to make money. 

Now, in order to send messages to people we are not connected to we need to be utilizing a paid platform, which allows us to send a number of "Inmails" every month.

Because of these changes, we need to be more aware of the tools at hand on this platform. I will be addressing some of these tools in my future LinkedIn Tips.

Got a LinkedIn question? Feel free to email me and I will answer it in my next blog.

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.


Christine Till

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You know how some people can "beat" you into submission with a look and a twitch of an eyebrow?

That was my Grandmother! 

Not only was she the best storyteller in the whole wide world, she was also the best disciplinarian.

Know what? She never touched us! If looks could kill...

Don't get me wrong. Grandma loved us and we knew it because she would give us hugs and kisses and bake bread and cookies for us. But...we had to abide by her rules. It is amazing how she could encourage us to eliminate misbehaviour in a glance.

We all knew that look! Nobody ever dared to cross that look. We never knew what would happen if we disobeyed, and we didn't want to find out either.

Know what I mean?

Oh! And she would use our first and second names when we were in trouble. Yes, she incorporated all our senses. Somehow we knew how it would feel if she ever had to apply something physical, like a licking on the buttocks.

From the time we were very young, we learned obedience, work ethic, and self-discipline. 

Grandma would let me go outside to play, but after I took off walking for a mile into a pasture coulee where nobody could find me, boundaries were enforced. 

Grandma, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, the hired men and anyone within earshot on the ranch was commandeered to find me. 

The pasture I had wandered into was muddy, and I got stuck in the mud along a hillside directly above a dam that my Dad had built to capture and save water for livestock. 

No sooner had I begun to realize that I was in trouble, than I saw a big, grey dog flash by around the side of the hill and disappear. 

Just then, my Grandma and Mom found me!

Grandma yelled, "The coyotes were going to get you!" That was what I saw disappear around the hill! 

Well, to say that I was frightened of coyotes is an understatement, somehow I found my footing, pulled my feet from the mud and ran as fast as my little legs could carry me, mud clods flying, to the arms of my Grandma and my Mom. 

Yup! I got the "LOOK"! I never did that again!

Many great things came from Grandma's "iron pot" besides great stories and her wonderful home made baked beans. Lessons of courage, integrity, honesty, being true to your word, respect, love and honour, to name a few. It was not just stories that were pulled from Grandma's iron pot, but love and life's experiences were also found there.

So, what were the two lessons that I learned from my Grandma's iron pot?

1. To always do what my parents and Grandparents told me, because that protected me from possible harm and helped me for the future.

2. To never question authority or be sassy back because life and living in this world is a privilege and not a right. 

Yes, I learned to be polite to my elders and everyone I met and to accept the tasks that were given me. I learned never to complain when my back hurt from hoeing the garden. 

Grandma taught me how to raise my own kids by her great example of hard work and integrity. 

I really miss my Grandma!

These lessons I apply to my own business today. I have a huge work ethic and respect for others.

What are the lessons you learned from your childhood.

Have you thought of automating your social media?

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress




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