"Shine FM's mission is to love God by serving people - meeting practical and spiritual needs."

At Shine FM they know that they impact the lives of people across Alberta and around the world. It is a station that is designed to be safe and fun for the whole family. They are a Christian station with the goal of spreading the good news across Alberta. They create relevant and interactive radio that includes positive and uplifting music.

Ryley Strand has been in sales since he was seventeen. Part of the reason he joined Shine FM was because of the positive impact that it has had on those around him. Ryley's biggest passion in life is seeing people reach their potential whether it is in business or their personal lives.

Shine FM gives him the opportunity to help businesses grow and for people to achieve their goals and dreams.

The average listener for Shine FM remains on the station listening for an average of 4 hours at a time.

Most of their listeners are Mom's. They are the ones in the family who make the majority of buying decisions.

Dial in at 105.9 in Edmonton; 90.5 in Red Deer; 88.9 in Calgary.

When you use Shine FM for your marketing program, notice the difference they make to your bottom line.




Author & Inspirational Speaker,Sue Paulson

Sue received her first audience applause at age 10 after recitinga poem at church.  She attended her firstpersonal growth workshop at age 24 and learned to teach it. By 34, she wasdeveloping and conducting corporate workshops. She traveled Alberta as a paidspeaker with topics such as stress reduction, change management, and teamdevelopment.


In 1996, Sue began the first of her 15 years teaching businesswriting, public speaking, and study skills part time at MacEwan University. In1999 she published her first book – a best seller, Tips & Tools for Student Success. It was followed in 2003 byher award-winning Tips & Tools toSpeak with Confidence.


For her 50th birthday, Sue successfully challenged herself toperform 5 minutes of stand-up comedy on Amateur Night at Yuk Yuk’s.   She has worked as a voice over artist,composed music, coached budding speakers, and appeared as an expert on TV andradio shows talking about Dating for Older Adults.


Sue rode a camel to the pyramids in Egypt, survived two bankruptcies,birthed and raised a wonderful son, and experienced two liberating divorces.


More than just a remarkable voice of her generation, Sue's wit andwisdom spans decades of experience of living life as a conscious and empoweredwoman. She has learned how to balance life's passions with its necessities.Thriving since her near death experience in 2007 and bouts of cancer in 2011and 2012, Sue has big plans for the next stage of her life.


Her latest book, “MagnificentMisery – From Adversity to Ecstasy” was released in October, 2015. Inspiredto share her experiences, Sue speaks to audiences about “The Healing Call ofCancer”.

Meet Sue Paulson:


Twitter: @suepaulson8

Facebook: Sue Paulson

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/sue-paulson-48405411


Did you know that over 15% of seniors 55+ in Canada are homeless?

We are so privileged to live in this free land. We have access to all the best quality food and water...yet there are people who are approaching the latter years of their lives struggling to feed, clothe and house themselves.

What's with that?! I am in shock at these numbers. We are supposed to be prosperous!

When I heard these statistics, I immediately wanted to know what I could do to help. I am not a multi-millionaire, but I have a great idea!

I interviewed Jimmy Morrison, the Community Relations Supervisor for Operation Friendship Seniors Society in Edmonton, AB, so we could get the word out to all our connections both on and off the internet. Jimmy has been here just over 4 years and has a strong passion for their clients. He is in charge of their volunteer program, social media, fundraising and community engagement.  Jimmy has a strong background in media and marketing for over 14 years.  He came on board to help create more awareness for Operation Friendship Seniors Society and the wonderful work being done here.  Jimmy invites you to look at their website –www.ofss.org and look at all the wonderful programs they offer seniors 55 plus. 


Last Summer I witnessed a miracle happen in our community: I witnessed everyone pulling together and raising over $168,000 to help the family of the fallen police constable who was killed in action. They did it in just a few days.

I figure that if we can pull together to help a family in need, we can pull together to help these seniors, who have given to our community for many years, only to find themselves in a position where they can no longer work to properly feed, clothe and shelter themselves.

I couldn't help but think, "How many people in our community are only two paycheques away from being in this same situation?"

I could go on with statistics that I have discovered about our aging population, but I want to focus on what Operation Friendship Seniors Society does for these seniors.

Operation Friendship Seniors Society provides 3 meals a day, 365 days a year to hundreds of seniors right here in our own community! This is a huge feat! They have a big housing complex that houses many seniors to help keep them out of the cold. They need more space and more food.

Here is my brainwave:
If we each donate $5-10 dollars and share this link with 200 of our online connections, who share this with their 200 connections, who share with their 200 connections, etc., we will be able to help them raise enough money to build another building to help house the 15% or our senior population who are homeless, as well as provide meals for them.

The personal goal I have is to raise $100,000 this year to help Operation Friendship Seniors Society.

Can they count on you?

Click here to donate to this worthy cause: www.ofss.org  

Twitter Handle - @OFSS1969

Facebook – Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS)

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress


Are you experiencing a downturn in the market; sales plummeting out of control?

In my humble experience, I have seen many companies cut costs as soon as they begin to see a dip in their sales and the first thing they cut is their marketing budget.
Can you believe it?!
It baffles me that companies would cut off their pipelines to their "food chain".
After many years of experience in sales and marketing, I have come to realize that the marketing should be the last thing to get cut.
If cuts must be implemented, then start with office expenses and entertainment for the staff. Cut on staff hours, and perhaps the number of staff you have in place. Study other costs that can be reduced in some way.
I know it is hard to lay people off, but perhaps a simple hourly cut-back will suffice? Offer to have your staff take one day a month off without pay, so they can keep their jobs. Harsh I know, but at least you won't have to lay them off.
Once you have reviewed everything else, and are down to your marketing budget, before you cut think of the repercussions. You know how much you had to spend to get the sales in good times. Now is the time to ramp it up!
Look for ways you can ramp up your marketing with the least amount of investment possible. Now where do you think this is going?
Yes! Get online and use every free platform possible. 
Time is of the essence! Get a coach to help save you time and money in the end. If you use someone who has experience with social media, it will save you many hours of agony trying to learn it on your own...as well as save you tons of mistakes along the way.
Once you get all your social media in place and running like a well oiled machine, then review things like your Yellow Pages. Perhaps reduce the size of the ads there, and the number of publications you are in.
Review your database of existing customers. Start reaching out to them on a regular basis through newsletters and phone conversations perhaps even the odd coffee meeting.
Remember, our diamonds usually are in our own backyard!
I'm Christine Till, The Marketing Mentress. I have helped over 300 businesses with their marketing, staffing and sales as well as conducted over 250 online radio interviews.
Call me: 1-780-904-9557
Email me: marketingmentress@gmail.com
Where are you at in the process of building your business? Are you still struggling? Here's help!

As the founder of "Womanition Magazine", Dorothy Briggs profiles women in business, entrepreneurs with products and services to sell, along with "Divorce Magazine Canada" which is a resource for people going through a loss, separation or divorce.

Womanition has become a CULTURE... a union of entrepreneurial women who are actively contributing to and improving Alberta's business environment in the following ways:

Dorothy has become a "connector extraordinaire" for small business entrepreneurs by establishing FIVE NETWORKING GROUPS which operate monthly in the surrounding Edmonton and Calgary areas, encouraging business connections throughout the various communities.  There are no membership fees or monthly dues. The attendee pays when they attend making these meetings available to all socioeconomic groups.

The "Womanition Bizbrigade - Leadership Conference" was created by Dorothy as a one day conference with a specific format and is held twice per year in Edmonton, reaching hundreds of people to educate and inspire and motivate! It is almost sold out for this upcoming October 23rd event! 

This year Dorothy has a special surprise at the Bizbrigade for women in business!

On October 23rd Dorothy is launching her first book on mentorship for women, "Mentoring Women Leaders". The goal is to hit the Amazon Best Seller charts that day!

Women are invited to go to Amazon.com and purchase the book for $18.99 US on October 23rd. By so doing, you can then register for a FREE 90 MINUTE WORKSHOP OR WEBINAR (if you are at distance) with three of the authors in her new book. There are several dates to choose from and the registration form with the list of topics is available below.

Scroll down the right side of the page to the person who invited you and register.


Are you one of those people who have been afraid of LinkedIn?

Are you afraid that as soon as you start getting active online you will be stalked and have your identity stolen?
Here's the straight goods.
The more people you are connected to and the more active you are online, the more difficult it is to steal your identity. Very simply because too many people know you, and as soon as someone steals your profile, their behaviour is nothing like you, and your friends will know immediately that something is awry! They will call you immediately, and you can then change your passwords to evict the predator.
One thing I learned very early in my online marketing career is that I needed a coach. 
I could not be a "lone wolf" and do it all myself. By the way, wolves hunt in packs. They do not do it alone.
Enough said.
My coach helped me get started, and to this day, I still use a coach/mentor. It has been worth every penny.
Because of the struggles and successes I encountered as I navigated LinkedIn, I realized that this was the platform that I needed to be using for my business. This was where the people were who could afford to buy my services. 
Here are the five things you need to know and do to get your LinkedIn on steroids:
1. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years. Thus you have a more seasoned business entrepreneur.
2. The average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $120-125K. These are the people who can afford to buy our "stuff"! (The average income of people on Facebook is around $22K annually.)
3. LinkedIn is the most professional platform on the internet! Hands down the best!
4. Everyone on LinkedIn is there to do business. We just need to learn how to build the relationships we need for business with the people we want to know and do business with.
5. The secret to LinkedIn is in the groups. I have a 2 hour webinar that I teach covering tips and tricks using the groups on LinkedIn. I show you how to use the free platform like it was a paid platform...all legal and on the up and up. Big Key is that Nobody else is teaching this stuff!!!
For this month only, my webinars are only $47 Canadian. Next month they will return to their full price of $147 per 2 hr session.
Book your seat today!
LinkedIn 101 - Building a Killer Profile and Why We need one.
October 13 at 7pm MDT
LinkedIn 202 - The secrets of the Groups
October 15 at 6pm MDT
LinkedIn 303 - Putting it all Together
October 22 at 6pm MDT
See you then!
Christine Till
The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress
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Have you experienced trauma in your life and want to get it gone?


It was at Empowerment Technologies Corp., Santa Barbara, California, where Dane began his career as a trainer and coach in the early 90's. Then in 2000 he began his private practice. He has been facilitating the Neuro Trauma Healing Process (NTHP) and the Soul Re-Cognition Process (SRP) since 2010. His deeply experienced, sensitive and insightful understanding of the processes makes him a highly sought after facilitator, mentor and teacher.


Dane now trains other counselors and coaches in this work and has created the Conscious Counselors and Coaches Association (CCCA) - an association that promotes awareness, healing and alignment for those working within the healing and well-being fields.  He is passionate about getting the word out about this work and is a dynamic speaker and teacher. He hosts live seminars and workshops, webinars and talks on the processes as well as being an author on the subjects.


These two healing modalities are gaining international attention and acclaim for the profound results they have been achieving for people seeking healing and self-realization.


Dane is from the interior of BC, Canada and has lived in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey in the US for 7 years where he learned and developed the foundation of this work. He now resides in beautiful West Vancouver where he can often be found deep in nature hiking, climbing and meditating, or under waterfalls. If not there, he can be found at the nearest beach swimming, snorkeling, or water skiing...that is, when he's not playing hockey.


In this interview we gain insights into the inspiration behind these ground-breaking processes, how Dane discovered them and how he uses them to help others heal in key areas of their lives. We can find healing from different types of trauma and stress using his systems.


Come and experience what living An Extraordinary Life is all about and heal.



Reserve your spot in his upcoming webinar:  http://bit.ly/ReclaimYourPowerWebinar



Connect with Dane:


FB: https://www.facebook.com/Lifeis4theliving

Follow: http://bit.ly/1g6Fycr

LI: https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/dane-stevens/2a/9a/b7b

Follow:  http://bit.ly/1KBbrs9

TTR: @danedotcalm



In 1981, Diane Dumont left her west coast home in Victoria, British Columbia, to embark on an exciting journey that led her to various corners of the globe. Just newly married, together Diane and her husband travelled and lived in countries such as; Ireland, France, Singapore, Brazil, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the U.S.A.

During their travels, Diane kept busy by raising their two boys and worked closely with visiting diplomats and dignitaries in various fundraisers and organizations such as: the Terry Fox Run and other Canadian clubs. Her experience abroad has enriched her life by affording her the opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting people and learn about different cultures and histories.
Upon entering Canada, Diane has continued assisting organizations as in Newcomers Clubs, NuGrads, Business Entrepreneurs, and Fundraising; The Alzheimer's Society, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Inn from the Cold Society. 
Helping others gives her great satisfaction to know that she can make a difference and will continue to do so through her new journey with NuCerity International, creating beautiful lives!
Here Diane shares her experiences and a story of how she has been able to help someone.
As an independent distributor with Nucerity International she has the ability to help others with skin challenges to love their skin once again.  In addition to world-class products that simply have no comparison on the market today, Diane mentors other business builders to create beautiful lives for themselves!AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcZAAAAJDRmNGI0Njc0LTM0ZDAt
Meet Diane:
     Website: http://www.mynucerity.biz/laydydee

Exhausted beyond comprehension and ready to quit, a saint came into my life.

We were living on a farm east of Red Deer, Alberta in the district of Joffre. We had sold property in Northern Alberta and put everything into building a house on this new piece of property, had run out of money, and were trying to work our real estate business to cover living expenses.

I seldom saw my children awake. I was in the office early in the morning calling "For Sale By Owners" or showing properties and holding open houses in the evenings and on weekends. I was top listing agent in our office and had lots of properties to show. I was never the best "closer" in the world, so I figured that if I had most of the inventory that other realtors would have to come to me for product. It worked like a charm!

However, when I was at home, the work just began. I was up late canning and preserving food from our garden to feed our family through the long winters. I was doing all the work that did not get done when I was at work. I was living on less than 4 hours of sleep at night most nights. Sometimes I even pulled all-nighters working to get ahead of my work.

 I felt burnt out with this sinking feeling that I was going to have a nervous break-down. Me...the perpetual cheerful person of the family, and my office!

One Sunday I was sitting in the hallway at church with one of my, not so reverent, children trying to teach them what it meant to be reverent, when a girlfriend came up to me. She asked me if I was ok? It shocked me to have her ask me that, but I was at the end of my rope, so I just blurted out..."I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!"

My girlfriend quickly asked if she could chat with me for a bit because she had something very important to share about this revelation.  She was my friend and I welcomed a sympathetic ear. So she pulled up a chair beside me and began sharing her story.

I had no idea that her husband was a counsellor with Community Services. She shared that her husband had told her many times, that as he counselled with many people who had nervous breakdowns, he had discovered that virtually every time someone had a nervous or mental breakdown, at some point, they had made a mental decision to "give up".

Then she told me that once a person has a nervous breakdown, they never ever completely regain their original strength and acuity of mind. Once they have given up the first time, it becomes easier and easier to have a breakdown again and again. They end up on medications that keep them in a dazed mind-frame for the rest of their lives.

When she told me that, I was in shock!

She shared with me some key things that people need to practice on a regular basis to keep themselves mentally strong and able to rise above any level of stress in their lives.

Know what that was?

"You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it!"

Rise up to your challenges. Face them head on. Be honest. Be true to yourself. Practice integrity in all you do. Remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can choose to have a nervous breakdown or you can choose to be a person of strength. It is all up to you.

Stop blaming life and other people for your challenges in life. We are all given "hic-ups" along the road of life. What we end up with at the other end of life depends on how we choose to deal with them.

We Choose!

I choose to be a woman of strength. What about you?

-And, No, I never did have that nervous breakdown. I never will!

Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress



LinkedIn: /christinetill

Facebook: /christinetill

Twitter:  @mktgmentress




Did you know that you can get 80% of your business through LinkedIn?

When it comes to online marketing, people seem to think that it is all about blasting people over and over again.  Talk about feeling like you are being slapped in the face!

I remember when faxing was going strong, "blasting" was the view people had then. People got angry and turned off their fax machines because of wasting paper.

With email there is no paper involved. So, when emailing took over from the faxing programs, people appreciated an email much more than a fax, because now they could just "delete".

Today if the message being sent is too long, or it does not grab our attention immediately with its subject line, we automatically hit "delete". Have you found yourself doing this too?

The challenge with faxing and emailing is that these are both based on the principle of quantity, not quality.

In sales, numbers DO count, but...how about if you could control those numbers and build more solid relationships instead?

Here's what I mean.

When we blast a message out to people, we need to have thousands of addresses/emails/fax numbers in our list. The ROI is maybe 1/2%.

Let's take that further.

Back in the "snail mail" days when we used flyers sent via the post office, the ROI was as high as 1%.

When we took the flyers and personally delivered them into the hands of the business owners, or prospective customer and built some rapport with them, the numbers went to 10 or 20% ROI.

As we take time to build relationships with people through educating , informing and entertaining them, the numbers get even better.

LinkedIn published these statistics in February of 2015. The percentage of B2B leads generated through each social network:

·         LinkedIn - 80.33 percent

·         Twitter - 12.73 percent

·         Facebook - 6.73 percent

·         Google+ - 0.21 percent

·         B2B leads are most likely to convert between 1 and 4 pm.

·         1 in 3 posts that triggered engagement had a question mark in it.

·         The update posts that performed the best had 248 characters.

First Place : 62% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be effective!

It is all about the relationships.

Looking for help with your LinkedIn?

Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress




LinkedIn: /christinetill


Twitter: @mktgmentress


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