Where are you at in the process of building your business? Are you still struggling? Here's help!

As the founder of "Womanition Magazine", Dorothy Briggs profiles women in business, entrepreneurs with products and services to sell, along with "Divorce Magazine Canada" which is a resource for people going through a loss, separation or divorce.

Womanition has become a CULTURE... a union of entrepreneurial women who are actively contributing to and improving Alberta's business environment in the following ways:

Dorothy has become a "connector extraordinaire" for small business entrepreneurs by establishing FIVE NETWORKING GROUPS which operate monthly in the surrounding Edmonton and Calgary areas, encouraging business connections throughout the various communities.  There are no membership fees or monthly dues. The attendee pays when they attend making these meetings available to all socioeconomic groups.

The "Womanition Bizbrigade - Leadership Conference" was created by Dorothy as a one day conference with a specific format and is held twice per year in Edmonton, reaching hundreds of people to educate and inspire and motivate! It is almost sold out for this upcoming October 23rd event! 

This year Dorothy has a special surprise at the Bizbrigade for women in business!

On October 23rd Dorothy is launching her first book on mentorship for women, "Mentoring Women Leaders". The goal is to hit the Amazon Best Seller charts that day!

Women are invited to go to and purchase the book for $18.99 US on October 23rd. By so doing, you can then register for a FREE 90 MINUTE WORKSHOP OR WEBINAR (if you are at distance) with three of the authors in her new book. There are several dates to choose from and the registration form with the list of topics is available below.

Scroll down the right side of the page to the person who invited you and register.


Are you one of those people who have been afraid of LinkedIn?

Are you afraid that as soon as you start getting active online you will be stalked and have your identity stolen?
Here's the straight goods.
The more people you are connected to and the more active you are online, the more difficult it is to steal your identity. Very simply because too many people know you, and as soon as someone steals your profile, their behaviour is nothing like you, and your friends will know immediately that something is awry! They will call you immediately, and you can then change your passwords to evict the predator.
One thing I learned very early in my online marketing career is that I needed a coach. 
I could not be a "lone wolf" and do it all myself. By the way, wolves hunt in packs. They do not do it alone.
Enough said.
My coach helped me get started, and to this day, I still use a coach/mentor. It has been worth every penny.
Because of the struggles and successes I encountered as I navigated LinkedIn, I realized that this was the platform that I needed to be using for my business. This was where the people were who could afford to buy my services. 
Here are the five things you need to know and do to get your LinkedIn on steroids:
1. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years. Thus you have a more seasoned business entrepreneur.
2. The average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $120-125K. These are the people who can afford to buy our "stuff"! (The average income of people on Facebook is around $22K annually.)
3. LinkedIn is the most professional platform on the internet! Hands down the best!
4. Everyone on LinkedIn is there to do business. We just need to learn how to build the relationships we need for business with the people we want to know and do business with.
5. The secret to LinkedIn is in the groups. I have a 2 hour webinar that I teach covering tips and tricks using the groups on LinkedIn. I show you how to use the free platform like it was a paid platform...all legal and on the up and up. Big Key is that Nobody else is teaching this stuff!!!
For this month only, my webinars are only $47 Canadian. Next month they will return to their full price of $147 per 2 hr session.
Book your seat today!
LinkedIn 101 - Building a Killer Profile and Why We need one.
October 13 at 7pm MDT
LinkedIn 202 - The secrets of the Groups
October 15 at 6pm MDT
LinkedIn 303 - Putting it all Together
October 22 at 6pm MDT
See you then!
Christine Till
The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress
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Have you experienced trauma in your life and want to get it gone?


It was at Empowerment Technologies Corp., Santa Barbara, California, where Dane began his career as a trainer and coach in the early 90's. Then in 2000 he began his private practice. He has been facilitating the Neuro Trauma Healing Process (NTHP) and the Soul Re-Cognition Process (SRP) since 2010. His deeply experienced, sensitive and insightful understanding of the processes makes him a highly sought after facilitator, mentor and teacher.


Dane now trains other counselors and coaches in this work and has created the Conscious Counselors and Coaches Association (CCCA) - an association that promotes awareness, healing and alignment for those working within the healing and well-being fields.  He is passionate about getting the word out about this work and is a dynamic speaker and teacher. He hosts live seminars and workshops, webinars and talks on the processes as well as being an author on the subjects.


These two healing modalities are gaining international attention and acclaim for the profound results they have been achieving for people seeking healing and self-realization.


Dane is from the interior of BC, Canada and has lived in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey in the US for 7 years where he learned and developed the foundation of this work. He now resides in beautiful West Vancouver where he can often be found deep in nature hiking, climbing and meditating, or under waterfalls. If not there, he can be found at the nearest beach swimming, snorkeling, or water skiing...that is, when he's not playing hockey.


In this interview we gain insights into the inspiration behind these ground-breaking processes, how Dane discovered them and how he uses them to help others heal in key areas of their lives. We can find healing from different types of trauma and stress using his systems.


Come and experience what living An Extraordinary Life is all about and heal.



Reserve your spot in his upcoming webinar:



Connect with Dane:





TTR: @danedotcalm



In 1981, Diane Dumont left her west coast home in Victoria, British Columbia, to embark on an exciting journey that led her to various corners of the globe. Just newly married, together Diane and her husband travelled and lived in countries such as; Ireland, France, Singapore, Brazil, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the U.S.A.

During their travels, Diane kept busy by raising their two boys and worked closely with visiting diplomats and dignitaries in various fundraisers and organizations such as: the Terry Fox Run and other Canadian clubs. Her experience abroad has enriched her life by affording her the opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting people and learn about different cultures and histories.
Upon entering Canada, Diane has continued assisting organizations as in Newcomers Clubs, NuGrads, Business Entrepreneurs, and Fundraising; The Alzheimer's Society, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Inn from the Cold Society. 
Helping others gives her great satisfaction to know that she can make a difference and will continue to do so through her new journey with NuCerity International, creating beautiful lives!
Here Diane shares her experiences and a story of how she has been able to help someone.
As an independent distributor with Nucerity International she has the ability to help others with skin challenges to love their skin once again.  In addition to world-class products that simply have no comparison on the market today, Diane mentors other business builders to create beautiful lives for themselves!AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcZAAAAJDRmNGI0Njc0LTM0ZDAt
Meet Diane:

Exhausted beyond comprehension and ready to quit, a saint came into my life.

We were living on a farm east of Red Deer, Alberta in the district of Joffre. We had sold property in Northern Alberta and put everything into building a house on this new piece of property, had run out of money, and were trying to work our real estate business to cover living expenses.

I seldom saw my children awake. I was in the office early in the morning calling "For Sale By Owners" or showing properties and holding open houses in the evenings and on weekends. I was top listing agent in our office and had lots of properties to show. I was never the best "closer" in the world, so I figured that if I had most of the inventory that other realtors would have to come to me for product. It worked like a charm!

However, when I was at home, the work just began. I was up late canning and preserving food from our garden to feed our family through the long winters. I was doing all the work that did not get done when I was at work. I was living on less than 4 hours of sleep at night most nights. Sometimes I even pulled all-nighters working to get ahead of my work.

 I felt burnt out with this sinking feeling that I was going to have a nervous break-down. Me...the perpetual cheerful person of the family, and my office!

One Sunday I was sitting in the hallway at church with one of my, not so reverent, children trying to teach them what it meant to be reverent, when a girlfriend came up to me. She asked me if I was ok? It shocked me to have her ask me that, but I was at the end of my rope, so I just blurted out..."I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!"

My girlfriend quickly asked if she could chat with me for a bit because she had something very important to share about this revelation.  She was my friend and I welcomed a sympathetic ear. So she pulled up a chair beside me and began sharing her story.

I had no idea that her husband was a counsellor with Community Services. She shared that her husband had told her many times, that as he counselled with many people who had nervous breakdowns, he had discovered that virtually every time someone had a nervous or mental breakdown, at some point, they had made a mental decision to "give up".

Then she told me that once a person has a nervous breakdown, they never ever completely regain their original strength and acuity of mind. Once they have given up the first time, it becomes easier and easier to have a breakdown again and again. They end up on medications that keep them in a dazed mind-frame for the rest of their lives.

When she told me that, I was in shock!

She shared with me some key things that people need to practice on a regular basis to keep themselves mentally strong and able to rise above any level of stress in their lives.

Know what that was?

"You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it!"

Rise up to your challenges. Face them head on. Be honest. Be true to yourself. Practice integrity in all you do. Remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can choose to have a nervous breakdown or you can choose to be a person of strength. It is all up to you.

Stop blaming life and other people for your challenges in life. We are all given "hic-ups" along the road of life. What we end up with at the other end of life depends on how we choose to deal with them.

We Choose!

I choose to be a woman of strength. What about you?

-And, No, I never did have that nervous breakdown. I never will!

Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress

LinkedIn: /christinetill

Facebook: /christinetill

Twitter:  @mktgmentress




Did you know that you can get 80% of your business through LinkedIn?

When it comes to online marketing, people seem to think that it is all about blasting people over and over again.  Talk about feeling like you are being slapped in the face!

I remember when faxing was going strong, "blasting" was the view people had then. People got angry and turned off their fax machines because of wasting paper.

With email there is no paper involved. So, when emailing took over from the faxing programs, people appreciated an email much more than a fax, because now they could just "delete".

Today if the message being sent is too long, or it does not grab our attention immediately with its subject line, we automatically hit "delete". Have you found yourself doing this too?

The challenge with faxing and emailing is that these are both based on the principle of quantity, not quality.

In sales, numbers DO count, about if you could control those numbers and build more solid relationships instead?

Here's what I mean.

When we blast a message out to people, we need to have thousands of addresses/emails/fax numbers in our list. The ROI is maybe 1/2%.

Let's take that further.

Back in the "snail mail" days when we used flyers sent via the post office, the ROI was as high as 1%.

When we took the flyers and personally delivered them into the hands of the business owners, or prospective customer and built some rapport with them, the numbers went to 10 or 20% ROI.

As we take time to build relationships with people through educating , informing and entertaining them, the numbers get even better.

LinkedIn published these statistics in February of 2015. The percentage of B2B leads generated through each social network:

·         LinkedIn - 80.33 percent

·         Twitter - 12.73 percent

·         Facebook - 6.73 percent

·         Google+ - 0.21 percent

·         B2B leads are most likely to convert between 1 and 4 pm.

·         1 in 3 posts that triggered engagement had a question mark in it.

·         The update posts that performed the best had 248 characters.

First Place : 62% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be effective!

It is all about the relationships.

Looking for help with your LinkedIn?

Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress


LinkedIn: /christinetill


Twitter: @mktgmentress


Would you connect with someone on LinkedIn if you did not know them?

How would you feel about friending someone who never answered their door?

Let's say a friend of yours tells you about this wonderful person who lives on your block in town, and that you should reach out and befriend them, because they have some awesome service that you really need and want. So you go up to their door, and knock. You have a bag over your head because you are shy and self-conscious. You get no response, but you know someone is home because you can see through a little peek hole in the corner of your bag, shadows moving inside, and hear music playing. So you knock again...still no response...a third time...same response.

What do you do now?

You go back to the friend who suggested this new friend possibility for you, and they suggest you go reach out to someone else this time,  This time you remove the bag and they respond by answering the door and inviting you inside. You discover what things you have in common and can help each other with, and set a time to meet more formally.

Sound familiar?

How do you think the first person felt about you? Why do you think they would not answer their door?

This is real life. This is how most of us would respond in real life. Am I correct?

Let's take this to building relationships online.

Say that someone sends you a connection request on LinkedIn. They do not have a headshot, or they have a logo, or a baby picture, or one with their spouse, or their favourite car, or a nice vacation spot. How do you feel when you receive a request to link up with these people?

Did you know that hiding your picture is not going to save you from online goblins? All someone needs to steal your identity is your full name and birthdate. That is all they need to build a solid profile on you. They can steal your house, your car, your bank accounts, your credit. I know because I had someone try to do it to me.

Here's the straight goods.

The more active you are online and the more connections you have, the less likely your profile/identity will be stolen. When you have a lot of friends who know you well online, they will know immediately when you start doing strange things online that are not in keeping with how they know you. When they see strange things happening with your online presence, they will probably do like I you and ask why you are "stuck in Scotland and in need of funds."

The more you try to hide from people online and still try to do business, the more you risk identity theft and phishing challenges.

Here's the shtick.

-If you are online to build relationships with people you want to know and do business with, they are also looking for the same thing. When we try to hide by not using a professional headshot, it sends a message to everyone that we are trying to hide something from them. They will be hesitant to connect with you and even more hesitant to do business with you.

We are now living in the "Age of Connectivity".

You would not go to your neighbour with a bag over your head trying to build a relationship with them for business. The same applies online.

We need to be just a tiny bit transparent online, in order to build those relationships where people will get to know, like and trust you. If you are like most people in business, you also want to do business with people you know, like and trust.

Bottom line is use a professional headshot.

-And never put your birthdate on any of your profiles. If you do, put the wrong one.

Need some help with your LinkedIn?



Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress

LinkedIn: /christinetill

Facebook: /christinetill

Twitter: @mktgmentress




If I asked you if you could double your sales in the next two weeks, you would probably respond that it would impossible. If I asked you if you could enroll ten people in the next two weeks, I’d probably get the same response. But if I asked you a question that would supercharge your level of motivation from acceptance and compliance to desperation and extreme urgency…

What if you were absolutely convinced that your family would be viciously and brutally slaughtered if you didn’t double your sales or enroll ten new people in the next two weeks? That’s the question, folks. If you believed that, what would you do differently? What would you start doing that you have stopped doing? Who would you approach that you are presently intimidated by? How would your approach and attitude change?

When we fear not achieving our goals more than we fear the opinions of other people, everything changes. When we lose our timidity and get serious and urgent enough to do whatever it takes, we can suddenly achieve massive results. We will approach everyone without prejudging them. We will close more effectively and more passionately, we will be more focused, we will follow up rigorously and diligently. We will zero in on what we have to do and disregard distractions while overcoming obstacles.

When our dread of “rejection” is dwarfed by our drive to accomplish, when our level of motivation is white hot, we become an unstoppable force in sales and recruiting. In this world of the gutless “politically correct,” we are being conditioned to overreact to the reactions and judgments of others. But when we realize that nobody can “reject” YOU, they can only decline AN OFFER, and they have every right to do so, when you realize that those people don’t care about you, your family, your financial well-being, or your feelings, and that you are doing them a FAVOUR by introducing them to your product, service, or opportunity, you break free.

In order to succeed in business, we need to develop a thick skin, we need to understand the numbers game of ratios, and we need to get leverage on our emotions. It is natural for people to to do more to avoid a loss than to gain a benefit, so by imagining the question posed about your family being slaughtered or another horrific consequence of not achieving your goal, you can start to obtain an objective perspective of what is truly possible and important. Imagine if your life was a dream and you knew you were dreaming, would you be bolder?

The bottom line is this: Usually, the only thing currently preventing us from doubling our sales and boosting our recruiting is our fear of the opinions of others.

Robin Elliott

What a refreshing opportunity it was to be the interviewee instead of interviewer!

It was a pleasure to be a guest on Paul Mantello's show! It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

We connected through LinkedIn, of course.

Today we had the chance to chat about the keys to LinkedIn and what the BiG SECRET is to online marketing.

What are you doing to build those much needed and wanted relationships for business? Are you wondering why your system that you have been using on LinkedIn is not working that well?

Have you got any clients through LinkedIn yet? ... No? Could it be that you have bad breath...or could it be something else?

Here is what we had to say:

Paul Mantello is a certified professional coach, speaker and creator of the F.A.I.L Operating System. Paul is very passionate about helping his clients and is dedicated to helping them break the vicious cycle of programming and financial poverty that is continuously being passed down from one generation to the next.

Paul empowers his clients by teaching them the proper tools, tips and techniques that are necessary for improving their core way of thinking, leading and managing. He also uses his top secret tool, called the "S" Factor. The "S" Factor is a powerful tool that allows clients the ability to see exactly what is limiting their "S"uccess; therefore allowing for greater results in less time.

As a real estate and business venturist, Paul also brings his experience and wisdom from Wall Street and his career as a licensed stockbroker. It is at one of the top leading coaching schools in the world that Paul earned his coaching and energy leadership certifications. (IPEC - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching)

Paul is a passionate and dedicated family man; he is the father of two boys and a loving husband to his wife, Laura, of 14 years. He was born and raised in New York before moving to New Jersey with his wife in 2002. As a volunteer, he enjoys giving back to the community as a local firefighter. Paul loves to coach little league baseball as well as to help empower children to dream big and expand their minds and possibilities.

Paul believes that everyone is born with the ability to create their own lives; which can be accomplished with the proper training and knowledge.

In our interview today, Paul reveals his F.A.I.L. Operating System and "S"uccess program keys.

Contact Paul at:


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