What a refreshing opportunity it was to be the interviewee instead of interviewer!

It was a pleasure to be a guest on Paul Mantello's show! It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

We connected through LinkedIn, of course.

Today we had the chance to chat about the keys to LinkedIn and what the BiG SECRET is to online marketing.

What are you doing to build those much needed and wanted relationships for business? Are you wondering why your system that you have been using on LinkedIn is not working that well?

Have you got any clients through LinkedIn yet? ... No? Could it be that you have bad breath...or could it be something else?

Here is what we had to say:


Paul Mantello is a certified professional coach, speaker and creator of the F.A.I.L Operating System. Paul is very passionate about helping his clients and is dedicated to helping them break the vicious cycle of programming and financial poverty that is continuously being passed down from one generation to the next.

Paul empowers his clients by teaching them the proper tools, tips and techniques that are necessary for improving their core way of thinking, leading and managing. He also uses his top secret tool, called the "S" Factor. The "S" Factor is a powerful tool that allows clients the ability to see exactly what is limiting their "S"uccess; therefore allowing for greater results in less time.

As a real estate and business venturist, Paul also brings his experience and wisdom from Wall Street and his career as a licensed stockbroker. It is at one of the top leading coaching schools in the world that Paul earned his coaching and energy leadership certifications. (IPEC - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching)

Paul is a passionate and dedicated family man; he is the father of two boys and a loving husband to his wife, Laura, of 14 years. He was born and raised in New York before moving to New Jersey with his wife in 2002. As a volunteer, he enjoys giving back to the community as a local firefighter. Paul loves to coach little league baseball as well as to help empower children to dream big and expand their minds and possibilities.

Paul believes that everyone is born with the ability to create their own lives; which can be accomplished with the proper training and knowledge.

In our interview today, Paul reveals his F.A.I.L. Operating System and "S"uccess program keys.

Contact Paul at:





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Are You Delivering the Right Message?

Is the idea of sifting through the noise, struggling to figure out how to market and brand yourself without breaking your budget, overwhelming?

Great news! This 6-week webinar is designed to show you how to create your brand and market it effectively so you can make money.

Christine Unterthiner, www.pilotbrand.com, and Christine Till, www.marketingmentress.com, have teamed up. We have complimentary businesses.

Christine Unterthiner helps small businesses with their brand and web design/development. She is a graphic designer with a passion for making people look good. Much of what she does includes helping businesses brand themselves and her favourite part of that is getting to know her clients through what she calls a discovery session. During this session you dig into why you are doing what you are doing and who you are doing it for. Christine comes to our program with 20 years of experience in the graphic and design industry.

Christine Till helps small businesses with their LinkedIn and online marketing. Together they bring a unique package never before offered through an online webinar! This vivacious, enthusiastic and intelligent entrepreneur has 20+ years of management and marketing experience in corporate business and the healthcare field. She is a noted public speaker, and hosts a radio 'podcasting' show dealing with social media and business marketing. She brings to your modern business theatre a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in marketing, using Linkedin.

Sifting Through the Noise is all about putting your own personal marketing program together on a shoestring budget.

Sifting Through the Noise

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On the ranch twenty miles from Milk River, we had a party line.           

Our closest neighbour was 9 miles away from our homestead.

We had to drive twenty miles to school every day, or just to go to town for necessities. The population then was around five to six hundred...counting babies!

Back to the party line.

For those who do not know what these were, they were a telephone line that went out to all the neighbouring farmers homes. Each home had one phone attached to the wall with a crank handle and a circular dial. Each farmer had his/her own special ring. Ours was two shorts and a long ring. When you heard your ring, you answered the phone.

The big drawback to this system was that everyone on the line could listen in on everyone else's call. So, when there was an emergency or a crisis, it did not take long for the word to get all over the country.  Even when there was not an emergency, people would just listen in to hear what their neighbours were up to. Talk about gossip! It really travelled...and we didn't even need the internet!

Move forward to our modern day and age, and today with the internet.

Not a lot different from the "party lines".

With the party lines, we got used to the fact that we had to be careful what we chatted about on the phone, because we did not know who might be listening.

Today with all our social media, we have to be just as scrupulous, if not more so, about what we share online. What we are trying to communicate in jest can come across as brash and cutting. Sarcasm never works well online. We can damage a relationship forever or lose our jobs with just a few whimsical key strokes.

Here is some food for thought. If it is something you don't want your mother-in-law or your boss or your spouse and kids to know about, perhaps it would be a good idea to leave it offline.

Social media according to Christine says that we should keep everything online on a professional level. Always watch how we say things and what we say. Yes, we can share some great stuff, but never anything that might be hurtful or damaging to anyone else or yourself.

We thought that the party lines back in the day were scary! The internet is a hundred thousand times faster and way more scary if not used judiciously.

A word to the wise...Yes, be on social media and email, but learn how to be your best self through them.

Social media according to the Marketing Mentress.

Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress




Who do you know that has not reached 500+ connections on LinkedIn yet?


If you know someone who is struggling with LinkedIn to make it pay, please share this message.


Just so you know, I am getting 80% of my clients through LinkedIn. Your friends can too.


This webinar is for LinkedIn 101, beginners, and is happening April 25th from 2-4pm MST.


Thanks for your help!




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Have you ever thought it would be great to go on luxury cruises?

There is a great way to cruise the world ... for FREE! Learn the tricks of the trade. Let Roy show you the way!

Roy Prevost has travelled aboard many luxury cruise ships with his wife, Sarah, enjoying all the touristy stuff and delivering special 35 minute talks once a day while at sea. The rest of the time, you can enjoy all the fun things on the ship.

The advice Roy shares with our audience is that becoming a cruise speaker is an awesome experience, but it takes some planning and knowledge knowing how to prepare yourself in advance for these, and how to approach the cruise lines, what they are looking for and how to offer it to them.

Roy delivers a full day workshop helping enthusiasts learn and practice the skills necessary to be successful as a cruise speaker.

Check the website for his upcoming workshop in your area.  www.speakerscruiseforfree.com

Roy Prevost is an international speaker, best selling author and cruise speaker trainer.  He and his wife, Sarah, have travelled the world over the past 8 years cruising for free by trading their speaking skills for FREE luxury cruises.  He is also a futurist and as a customer service activist, he has delivered more than 300 workshops on customer service across North America, Europe and Asia. He can be reached through his website www.speakerscruiseforfree.com

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Have you wondered what it takes to become successful in your own business?Womanition

It is my privilege to watch this famously successful business woman in action!
Dorothy Briggs is the founder and publisher of "Womanition" and "Vavasaur" Magazines, profiling men and women in business, entrepreneurs with products and services to sell, along with "Divorce Magazine Canada" which is a resource for people going through a loss, separation or divorce.
Womanition has become a CULTURE... a union of entrepreneurial women who are actively contributing to and improving Alberta's business environment in the following ways:
Dorothy has become a "connector extraordinaire" for small business entrepreneurs by establishing FIVE NETWORKING GROUPS which operate monthly in the surrounding Edmonton areas, encouraging business connections throughout the various communities.  There are no membership fees or monthly dues.  The attendee pays when they attend making these meetings available to all socioeconomic groups.
The "Womanition Bizbrigade - Leadership Conference" was created by Dorothy as a one day conference with a specific format and is held twice per year in Edmonton, reaching hundreds of people to educate, inspire and motivate!
Ms. Briggs has initiated a 6 month Mentorship Program where mentors and proge'ge's are matched up to encourage commitment and accountability in today's female business leaders.  The program focuses on many areas of business with 'expert in their field' mentoring.

The Womanition SuPEARLative Awards - "Pearls in her Profession", was created by Ms. Briggs to recognize outstanding Alberta Women in 6 categories.  These women will be honoured at a gala luncheon event February 28th, 2015 to celebrate their achievements.

Dorothy Briggs' "Womanition Magazine", has won three platinum and three gold trophies in The Marcom Publishing Awards' category of "Design - Special Edition Magazine".  In 2014, the Womanition Magazine also won the GOLD Hermes International Award for Design and Advertising.
Meet Dorothy:01 Dorothy Briggs Final 4x6-9546
Twitter: @womanition
Phone: 780-761-3000


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May of 2009 I was literally dragged into LinkedIn kicking and screaming! I did not want to have anything to do with any kind of online platforms, other than email and Googling information. I was excellent at "Googling It"!

One day lightening struck and I woke up to the fact that I needed to be using at least the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter! I had to prove a point to my then boss at a senior home care company that I was the sales representative for. He refused to pay for any of my time doing online marketing of any kind. I was expected to be out from 9am to 5pm glad-handing with discharge co-ordinators and social workers and senior centers setting up meetings and presentations. So I did this online marketing and podcasting in the evenings on my own time.

Here is what happened: The company's own research showed that 73% of the time seniors made decisions, the kids were involved. -Usually the women. Where were they during the day when I was giving a presentation at a senior center? You got it, they were at work. So I decided to set up my own podcast show, "Eldercare 911", and I became the Eldercare Specialist. I interviewed lawyers on wills and powers of attorney, financial planners about estate planning, and many others about different products and services that seniors might need.

The very first time I posted my podcast through my social media, within an hour I had a response back from a gal who said, "I had no idea that there was something like this available to help me with my 95 year old dad...who is dead!" It was too late for her, but it proved that this is where the gals hung out and that they were under stress from being sandwiched between aging parents and their careers.

I also discovered that the place to be marketing and building relationships was LinkedIn, because that is where the people with money hang out.

1. LinkedIn is the largest and most professional online business network on the internet.

2. Everyone on LinkedIn is there to do business.

3. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years.

4. The average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $125K.

5. 64% of LinkedIn users have college or graduate education.

Where do you think the people are who can afford to buy your “stuff”?

January of 2011, I became The Marketing Mentress with another podcast show, where I interview authors and business associates from all different types of businesses. Most of my business comes from LinkedIn.

Here's the big secret to LinkedIn...it’s great to build a huge network, but the key is to bring those relationships to a face-to-face meeting of some sort. As human beings, we are gregarious and need to communicate live. We need to see mannerisms, facial expressions, and feel your enthusiasm.

We create the relationships online, but the key is bringing those relationships offline. That is where real business gets done!

Watch for more of my story in my next blog.

Got a LinkedIn question? Feel free to email me and I will answer it in my next blog.

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.


Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress





Have you found someone on LinkedIn that is a great center of influence, that you would love to connect with and help through your network? Then when you send them a connection request, they “decline” it? I have always wondered why people do that?

There they are, on the largest platform for business in the world, virtually everyone on this platform is here to do business, and then they decline our connection requests. I have over 23 million in my extended reach on LinkedIn, and you would think that people would be curious as to how I could help them through my network. To me it is a no-brainer. I will connect with most everyone because I also am looking at who they are connected to.

Here is an example: You know your local politician, and you send them a request to connect to help eachother through our networks. They decline the request. I wonder if they really want my vote after all. That isn’t the only question that arises, what about the influence I have on all my connections regarding that politician? If they do not want to accept connections on LinkedIn, then why are they there? People have no idea how much influence I might have, with my audience and this is just one example.

LinkedIn is the most professional social platform for business that is available on the net. The average age of people on LinkedIn is 43 years, and the average annual income of people on LinkedIn is $125K. Compared to Facebook’s average annual income of $25k per person, where do you think the people are who can afford to buy your “stuff”? -And by extension, where do you think the people are who have the most influence on the voting public…or can contribute to your campaign for office?

This is Christine Till, as in “Till we meet again”, the LinkedIn Marketing Mentress. When you request a connection with me, I always accept. It is not all about me…it is all about you and how I can help you!

Got a LinkedIn question? Feel free to email me and I will answer it in my next blog.

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking For Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.


Christine Till

The LinkedIn Marketing Mentress




Christina Hamlett is a media relations expert and award-winning author whose credits include 30 books, 156 plays and hundreds of articles and interviews that appear online and in trade publications worldwide. She is also a screenplay consultant (which means she stops lots of really bad movies from coming to theaters near you) and a professional ghostwriter (which does not mean she talks to dead people).

Listen as Christina enthusiastically shares what inspired her to write "Office For One" and her sincere desire to help the very small business owners understand the tools they need to succeed in business.
"It all Started with a Lemonade Stand" is a great analogy in the first chapter. Who would have thought that so much thought and preparation needed to go into a simple Lemonade Stand? It is a great comparison to business today and all the things that we need to think of in order to have the makings of a successful business.
We also find out how to protect our "stuff" and why we need to do that. Christina shares a great story of a small bakery and their yummy icing recipe... with no calories. Great example of how important it is to protect the recipe and why.
Why do we need a business plan and what is the most important aspect of it? Christina answers this in her stellar fashion.
There are a few cautions and precautions shared that will help us avoid some of the "Rubicons and Burnouts" of being a sole proprietor.
Get your copy of "Office For One":
If you would like to be a guest blogger, get in touch with Christina Hamlett:
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