How do you keep Technology New and Exciting? Richard Gibbs - CR Technology Solutions


You know how it seems when you are speaking with a computer technician (IT person), you cannot understand a word they say?!  They tell you your fliberty jibber is mixed up with your flaberty jab and whatever other terms they can rattle off that you have NO IDEA what they are talking about!!!  You know the feeling, right!  Well, I have great news for all of you people who are ...just a little like me...and don't understand all the "jargon".

It's  Richard Gibbs!

Richard Gibbs is the best!  You know, he can fix your computer remotely!  You don't even have to unplug it form all the cables and cords, making sure to label each one, so you know how to hook it back up again!

-Or are you one of those people with a photographic memory...not me!

I met Richard Gibbs at a Make Your Mark event.  He happened to sit right beside me...or I happened to sit right beside of the two.  Well, we turned to eachother and asked what we each did, and I could not believe my ears!  Here I was sitting by an IT person, and I didn't get "Zapped"!  I could understand him!  Imagine that!  Well we proceeded to meet for coffee to find out more about how we could help eachother, and..well...the rest is history!  I am now his client, and he has been an awesome guest on my show.

Richard started as a computer technician right out of college.  He worked his way up to being a director in the IT field from technician, to instructor, to systems engineer and manager.  He loves what he does!  He is friendly and prides himself in giving advice and choices in each individual situation he is asked to FIX.

Technology is new, exciting and always Richard's eyes.  It comes with its challenges, but he applies what he knows from being a Rotarian in his business with the four-way test  -  always remembering to come up with a solution which is best for all.

All for one and one for all!  (I digress!)

CR technology Solutions has been around for more than 16 years.  It has a solid reputation and is based on Richard's work ethics and philosophy  -  giving customers ways to improve their computer systems efficiently and cost-effectively.  Richard is grounded in honesty, an expert in IT and he seeks clients for the long-term.

Contact Richard to find out more about how he can help you too: or or

Phone:   BC: 604-596-5271  x:201    Calgary: 403-536-4232   Victoria: 250-999-3296

The Go-To-Guy of Vancouver: Qore Health Centre & Spa - Jared Minty


Then you have the opportunity of attending a networking meeting with Jared Minty, you will NEVER be the same afterwards!  Jared brings a zest for life, fun and heart-felt enthusiasm that reaches out to everyone in the room and makes you "hang on his every word"!  How cool is that!  The level of excitement definitely rises at all the events Jared attends.  Even before you see him at the event, you know he is there, because you can feel his energy and enthusiasm.  Jared has true greatness within him!

Jared Minty is the Chief marketing officer for Qore Health Centre & Spa in New Westminster, B.C.

He has been a Mixed martial Arts Instructor for 9 years!  (No wonder he is in such great shape!)

Jared is a Caucasian guy who speaks fluent Japanese!

As the Networker Extraordinaire, you will find Jared at practically every networking event you attend!  He is a business mentor and has helped many people through the network marketing industry.  He helps hold them accountable.  As a speaker, Jared speaks about passion in the workplace.  As an aspiring author, he has a book in the works, which I cannot wait to see!

Jared is a Father of 5 of the coolest kids in the world! (Spoken like a great Father.)

Jared is an enlightened, open hearted, visionary leader withPASSION for people, a love of play, an unwavering commitment to SUCCESS & enjoying the ADVENTURE we call life to the fullest, combined with a desire to EXPERIENCE it ALL!

His dedication is to create a culture and a community of healthy happy passionate people that are truly experiencing health and abundance in every aspect of their lives.

Jared's Mission Statement:

To create a community of likeminded people that will assist others locally and around the world to achieve their highest state of well being through the discovery and application of the tools and knowledge of the "Art of Living Well".  To provide new proven technologies, products, and systems, supported by research, along with the knowledge and information to facilitate improvement in one's health on all levels:  Physical, Social, Mental, and Financial.

Jared Minty, the "Go To Guy" &

Your Friends at Qore Health Spa

630 - Fifth Street, New Westminster, B.C.  (ground floor back entrance)

Contact: Phone:   778-789-8807

Turbocharge Your Retail Business: How to Outmaneuver and Outperform the Big guys! - Roy Prevost


As I have had opportunities to meet with Roy Prevost and speak with him, I have noticed what a great listener he is!  Roy has a charisma that draws you to him making you want to hang on his every word.  You know instinctively that because of his passion in his entire persona that what he says is know that he has lived through everything he teaches and speaks about, literally.  You feel his heart-felt desire to help the small businesses be successful in overcoming the challenges of the Big Box stores in their communities.  Roy's processes are simple, sprinkled with many stories that bring out his points with such clarity that you feel like you are reliving those stories with him as he relates them to his audiences.

If you are a retailer...or a business owner, you will find what Roy has to say in his book and his seminars to be some of the best ideas ever!  If you only purchase one book this year and read it from cover to cover and implement it in your business, this is the one..."Turbocharge Your Retail Business: How to Outmaneuver and Outperform the Big guys!"  (Not just for retail.)

Roy Prevost is, an international speaker, best selling author, a customer service activist, an entrepreneur, and a futurist who forecasts trends of the "Future Consumer."

As an authority on Big Box Retail and a leading authority on Social Media Marketing, Roy Prevost gives small business the tools and techniques to thrive and prosper in the Big Box Retail environment.  His Bestselling book, "Turbocharge Your Retail Business", focuses on this topic.

Through coaching and workshops, Roy Prevost helps small business increase confidence, improve profitability, build customer loyalty, and triumph over competition.

Roy Prevost is unique in North America in the area of preparing small business for the New Economy.

He is a management consultant and strategist with more than 25 years of experience in all facets of marketing, wholesale, retail, and manufacturing in the giftware industry.  He has presented more than 250 workshops on Big Box Retail as well as guest lectured at Simon Fraser University on the Future Consumer.

Roy is also a leading authority on Social Media Marketing and teaches business owners how to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as strategic marketing tools within their businesses.

Clients include The Retail Council of Canada, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Associations, and Shopping Centre Associations across North America.

As a Customer service strategist and small business crusader, Roy has contributed to The Financial Post, The National Post, CTV, Shaw Cable, Rogers Cable and community newspapers across North America.

Contact Roy to order his book:

Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling. Catherine Rocheleau - Author, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator


Catherine Rocheleau is the Founder and CEO of Ignite Leadership International.  In her 20 years as a business owner and 5 years as a non-profit executive, Catherine has faced the

[caption id="attachment_1292" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Catherine Rocheleau"]Catherine Rocheleau[/caption]

challenges of growth, change and redirection.  Her most recent change involved the re-positioning and re-branding of her company to better reflect the needs of her customers and her own passion for business.

As a Leadership and Change Strategist, her success in helping others break through their own glass ceiling comes from her ability to ask probing questions of her clients which enables them to pinpoint their block and identify their own conflicts and solutions.  Her SPARK framework offers a proven methodology to gain clarity, create your plan, review and integrate for sustainable results.  She is a contributing writer for the Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine and a contributing author of the best seller "Smart Women Live Their Why:  How Women Entrepreneurs Live on Purpose and in Passion".

Most recently, the launch of her Business Leadership Journal, has allowed others to benefit from a tool that uncovers new opportunities and perspectives and a method to reflect and plan so you exceed your goals and dreams.

As a speaker, Catherine's innate ability to present information in a systematic, natural fashion engages her audiences.  Her presentations will fuel your passion to break through and reignite forward momentum.

Catherine has earned a Master of Business Administration in Managerial Leadership and Project Management.  She is an Organizational Change Professional and a Master Certified Coach Trainer.

Giving back is a key component of Catherine's personal strategy.  In partnership with the Create Change Foundation, the Ignite Leadership International "Girls to School" project was established to send 6 young women to university.  Currently Catherine serves on the Burnaby Board of Trade Business Success Committee and is a BBOT Ambassador.  Catherine was a member of the 2011 Grey Cup Festival Volunteer Orientation and Training committee and the Volunteer Manual Development Lead.  She has also served as a Board Director and Board Chair for non-profits and volunteered in numerous business organizations and professional associations, including President-Elect of the B.C. Dietitians & Nutritionists Association.

Based in beautiful North Vancouver, B.C., Catherine enjoys acting as a homestay "mother" for international students, travelling, spending time with family and friends, walking, golf and Pilates.  She is an avid Vancouver Canucks and BC Lions fan, and the self-proclaimed "Olympaholic".

Contact Catherine:

1-855-772-7557  or in Vancouver locally at 604-984-6828



Your Brand is in YOUR Hand! - Shelora Fitzgerald


Shelora Fitzterald has a Masters in Education and is a Registered Clinical Counselor.  What makes Shelora's heart sing is to help people break through the invisible barriers that have kept them from fulfilling their life's purpose.

[caption id="attachment_1298" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Shelora Fitzgerald"]Shelora Fitzgerald[/caption]

Shelora has been doing this for many years, but the new tool that she has acquired has put that process on steroids.

She is now a Hand Analyst!  (Now we automatically think of the Gypsy in the tent with the crystal ball, but that is not it at all.  This is scientific.)

Shelora is launching her new Life Purpose Coaching business based on her ability to identify the unique Blueprint of your Life Purpose and Life Lesson that is encoded in your hands, specifically in your fingerprints.

The system Shelora uses was created by Richard Unger, the Founder of the International Institute for Hand Analysis, and author of the book, Lifeprints.

It has given Shelora a laser-like access to identifying the underlying pattern of a person's mission here in Earth University, and helping them to identify their authentic brand for their business, based on the Success Map encoded in their hands.

There are Four Basic Schools in Earth University:

1. The school of peace.

2. The school of wisdom.

3. The school of love.

4. The school of service.

Each of these categories gives rise to a very different set of qualities that are used in the branding process that brings an individualized stamp to the person's marketing.

There are 10 fingers and four different types of fingerprints.  That gives you an alphabet of forty different letters which can come in an infinite variety of combinations, many of which fall into certain archetypes.

Using this system, Shelora can identify a person's unique brand, which gives her the name for her new business:   "YOUR BRAND IS IN YOUR HAND"

It is based on the idea that your brand is an expression of your authentic identity.

Contact Shelora:

Facebook: A Conversation for Transformation



Phone: 604-986-0867

Skype:  SheloraFitzgerald

Why are you reading what Kevin Knebl writes?


If you are looking for an "in-demand" speaker, Kevin Knebl speaks professionally and advises small, medium and fortune 500 companies.  The list includes companies such as State Farm Insurance, The Wall Street Journal Office network, Herman Miller, HUB International, Dale Carnegie, Grubb & Ellis, Quizno's, RE/MAX, Brokers International, Lorman, and more.  He has over 20 years of experience in interpersonal skills training, sales, networking and related areas of expertise.

Kevin is the author of "The Social Media Sales Revolution:  The new Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking".  (McGraw-Hill)  [McGraw-Hill actually asked Kevin to co-author this book after having followed Kevin's activities for quite some time.]  Kevin is also a contributing author of "Learn Marketing with Social Media in Seven Days" (Wiley)  Kevin's company is Knebl Communications, LLC, a Colorado-based professional speaking and training company.

Kevin is recognized as a LInkedIn subject matter expert and has trained hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals on the most effective uses of LinkedIn since 2004.  Kevin also has more Recommendations (1000+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world, among over 115,000,000 LinkedIn users.

Check out his Speaking & Training information page for information on the many areas Kevin speaks and trains on. @kevinknebl

How a hospitality professional helps you with your insurance? Mike Snetsinger


With a background in the hospitality industry of over 20 years as an operator, regional manager, consultant and partner, Mike Snetsinger has found his "sweet spot" with the insurance industry.

[caption id="attachment_1274" align="alignright" width="80" caption="Mike Snetsinger"]Mike Snetsinger[/caption]

Because of his understanding of the hospitality industry, Mike can relate to his clients who are also in business in that industry.  When Mike transformed himself into the insurance business, he tackled his Rolodex.  These were people who knew him from the hospitality industry, and they knew that Mike understood their needs for insurance.  Mike has build his business on his reputation with his hospitality clients.

Mike's main focus is to help people understand the whole picture, so they can make an informed decision buying the right insurance for them and their needs.

Mike helps you with your Restaurant Insurance, Business Insurance, and Business planning.

To make an appointment with Mike Snetsinger, contact him at 604-985-0581 Ext 302  or or or  @snetsinsures on Twitter and Facebook.