LinkedIn Tip # 117 – Are you Liking and Sharing?


Are you wondering why people just “like” your posts?

I see people liking people’s posts all the time on all levels of social media. However, people seem far more hesitant to share a great post on LinkedIn than any other social platform.

Do you know why that is?

I do.

It isn’t because they are jealous of any competition.

The main reason people don’t share other people’s great posts is because they do not want to take away from their own marketing program.

Know what?

Those marketing programs are all very “me” centered.

Zig Zigglar always said: “If you help enough people get what they want, then you will get what you want.”

Are you helping people get what they want? Or are you helping people get what you want?

Think about it.

The schooling I have had and the books I read speak about building credibility and trust with our potential clients before they will ever buy from us.

If someone comes to my “store” and I don’t have the right fit for them, I always refer them to someone I know can help them. Those people remain my loyal friends and come back to me later for things that I can help them with. They are also more likely to refer me to their contacts as well.

The way social media works best is by sharing one another’s posts. There might be someone in my network, for instance, who can use something from someone I am connected with. By sharing a great post about a product or service from one of my connections with my network, I open up a whole other network of possible customers for them.

The product or service will not take away from me, because it is not something that I would use for my business, but I know that other people could use it.

“You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” That is the principle behind sharing other people’s posts on LinkedIn.

Also, take a moment to comment on the post as well.

When you do this, here is what happens. The person that you shared their post for will check out your profile and notice you every time you share and comment and like their posts. Pretty soon, you will notice that they will also start to do the same with your posts.

When you just “like” the posts from your network, you are telling them that you are hiding in a way by “holding your cards close to your chest”.

One thing you can do to help get the ball rolling is to post some great quotes. These will help people start to recognize you and create activity with your posts. Then throw in a few of your own blogs and one pitch about your company.

If you always post about your company and all the things your company does, you will also turn people off and they will perhaps “like” your post out of courtesy, but they will not comment on or share it.

The next time you are on LinkedIn checking your Home page, check out some of the other posts and make a conscious effort to check out profiles of people whose posts you like. If you are impressed with their profile, Like, Share and Comment on their posts.

I have built many great friendships as a result of doing this very thing.

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Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress





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