Winton Homes Best Offer of the Year! Donald Ross - Sales and Marketing Professional


Donald Ross has been with Winton Homes for 2.5 years now and is leading the business in a new direction.WintonHomes Logo

Winton Homes has historically supplied small DIY cottages - and now is moving into a new market with a focus on larger custom designed primary and secondary homes.

They still do 'cottages' but in a more upscale style - focusing on current market trends, addressing needs of baby boomers and their families. What Donald has found is that the market is being driven by many baby-boomers. They know exactly what they want and are looking for that something. Winton Homes can give them the design help they need to fit that perfect lot.

Today we discuss the new focus of Winton Homes and the areas of customization they are focusing in. They are also featuring their special offer of the year: 15% off the pricing and 1/2 price on the design.

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