LinkedIn Tip #148 – How to Keep the Search Engines Happy!


Are you one of those people with all kinds of characters and icons throughout your profile? Tell me, when you see a profile peppered with all kinds of icons, what do you think of that profile? Is the profile easy to read, or is it very distracting?

Here’s the schtick!

Last summer I had the opportunity of speaking with a Google representative who specialized with Google Searches. Here is what he helped me to understand.

Three Things:

  1. Copy no longer needs to be long copy.
  2. Keywords are king.
  3. The search engines do not like all the icons in LinkedIn profiles.

Length of Copy

It used to be that the search engines wanted to have at least 1500 words to search through in order to find all your keywords. Now, the search engines just want short copy of 250 to 500 words. Just remember to use keywords in your copy.


Have you been wondering what to use for keywords in your blogs and on LinkedIn?

Here is a trick to use.

Think about what people would type into that search bar if they were looking for your type of product or service and did not know your name or the company you represent?

What would those words be?

If you are a realtor for instance, what would someone type into that search bar?

The secret is to specialize in a certain aspect of what you have to offer. I used to sell real estate before I had four children and was in the top ten of the entire MLS in Edmonton, AB. Know how I did it?

I specialized with FSBOs (For Sale By Owners). I watched what other realtors were not doing or avoiding and I did what they weren’t doing. So my keywords would include FSBO or For Sale By Owners. Sure I could sell any property to my clients that they wanted, but I learned that when you specialize, you get more business.

This was back in the days of Block Brothers. Remember them?

Now you know how old I am!!! EEp!

Use of Icons and the Search Engines

When people teach us to use these icons, we are making the search engines confused to say the least. The icons single out profiles by trying to figure the icons out, and the icons do it big time…at first. -But what the Google expert said was that this is actually down-grading your LinkedIn profile. The search engines get confused and then they blacklist your profile!

So at first, the profile gets lots of attention, but once the search engines cannot figure it out, they all blacklist the profile or any website that is using these icons.

Is this what you really want? “Not I, said the cat!”

Here is a tip for you. You know all your skills that you list on your LinkedIn profile? Try adding them in a sequential list at the very bottom of your “About” page. They are merely there to entertain the search engines.

Type in: Specialties: FSBO, For Sale By Owner, Marketing, Marketing Mentress, etc. -just as an example.

Remember that the more you can use appropriate keywords in your profile the more the search engines will love you.

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Christine Till

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LinkedIn Tip #147 – Why can’t I click on comments and read them?


Here’s a great question for you: “I am no longer able to click on comments and read them. They just vanish. Why is this happening?”


When I first started using LinkedIn, I wanted to know exactly what to expect from LinkedIn, so I took the time to read the entire Terms of Use for LinkedIn. I am glad that I did.


Since I first started using LinkedIn, I have had clients tell me that their profiles have been sent to “LinkedIn Jail.” (shut down) When I have reviewed their profiles, it usually became apparent that their profiles were noncompliant with the LinkedIn Terms of Use.


Recently, I received an email from LinkedIn to let my connections know that they will be cracking down on non-compliant profiles and they will be frozen until they have been revised and brought into compliance with their terms of use.


There are a couple of things that can happen with our profiles when we are in breech of the terms of use.


  1. You can lose the ability to do some simple tasks on or through your profile.
  2. You can have your profile sent to LinkedIn Jail and lose all access to your profile.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Are you on a free platform? LinkedIn tends to change the algorithms it uses to facilitate people having to sign up on a paid platform. In these cases, it usually happens across the board. There are work-a-rounds in most instances.
  2. There may be a glitch on your profile. Watch it for a few days and see if it irons itself out. How long has the glitch been happening to you?
  3. Does this happen on all profiles when you click to read their comments, whether you are connected to them or not? Have you noticed that it is happening to specific types of profiles?
  4. Have you been "I.D.K.'d"? Your account can be sent to LinkedIn Jail if you have 5 people say they don’t know you. This happens when we invite people to connect with us that we do not know. Being unable to read comments might be a new way LinkedIn has of shutting down your activity for a period of time.
  5. Is your profile in violation of the Terms of Use? Are you using a personal profile platform on which to feature your business? LinkedIn requires that we have a headshot instead of a business logo in the headshot spot. I have had clients get their profiles shut down in different ways, because they were not in compliance with a proper headshot. 


Here are some basic requirements we need to follow in order to remain in compliance with LinkedIn’s Terms of Use:

  1. Your headshot must be YOU, not your dog, your company logo, your favourite car or your spouse. Your LinkedIn profile is all about you. The company you own or work for will show up as you enter your experience sections. This includes changing your background picture from the default blue celestial galaxy to one that features yourself. If you are looking for work in a certain city, find a skyline picture of the city in which you are looking to work and place that in the background. If you have a company, place a background picture that depicts something about your company that has your logo on it.
  2. Just your name goes in the name line. Your silent partners will show up in your education. You enter your BA, MBA, Doctorate in the education line that appears in the top section of your profile.
  3. Your headline needs to demonstrate how you are different from your competition and how you can help others. How many realtors who work with Remax are there anyway? You have 120 characters available to help you stand out.
  4. Your “About” page. This used to be called your “Summary” page. Are you aware that you can use up to 2000 characters here? Write in the first person. The third person makes you seem distant and people wonder if you are a real person.
  5. Remember that everything you write on your LinkedIn profile is about the search engines. What do you want the search engines to find? What would people type in a search bar when they are looking for a business or person with your skills, or products, or services if they do not know your name or your company name?


The way you set up your profile is crucial to attracting the right people, who want to view your profile.


If you are wanting to maximize your LinkedIn profile and learn the secrets of LinkedIn groups, join me at my next webinar. I do all my webinars personally and live.


Make it a great day!


Christine Till

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LinkedIn Tip #146 – How to get more characters into your Headline.


Just in case you haven’t noticed, I have a different headline!

YOU can have a different headline too!

Remember that you only have 3 seconds to create a great first impression on LinkedIn.

First Second: People check out your background picture and your headshot. Yes, those blue stars in the background are a default for all LinkedIn profiles. In order to make yourself different, you need to edit that and add a picture that is congruent with you and what you do.

Second, Second: People read your name…and just your name belongs in the name line. Not your silent partners from your university education…just your name. I read the entire terms of use for LinkedIn. I have also had clients get their profile sent to LinkedIn Jail for disobeying this very rule.

Third Second: People read your HEADLINE. This is where you need to rreeaallyy shine! You might be a “Realtor with Remax”, but how many other realtors are there with Remax? Your headline is where you need to concentrate on your specialty. For instance, when I was a realtor, I was in the top 10 of the MLS in my city, usually the top two of that list. The way I did it was to specialize with “For Sale By Owners.” I observed what other realtors were not doing and I did what they left out. I built relationships with “FSBO’s.”

You may be a business coach helping businesses. But just saying you are a type of coach is not enough. You need to dig deep and decide what you can do for people that other coaches are not doing. Remember that you are unique in every way from other people and only you can provide assistance the way you do.

Here’s the one of the biggest kept secrets to LinkedIn!

Do you have a smart phone? If you do, then you can do this.

Log into your LinkedIn profile on your smart phone. Then click to “Edit Profile.” Scroll down to the headline section and start typing. You can increase the number of characters in your headline from 120 to 220!!! Click to save your work and voila! You now have an even more beautiful headline.

Cool huh!

Check out my headline. When would you like some help with yours?

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

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LinkedIn Tip #145 - Which “Hat” Are You Most Afraid of?


Are you afraid of sales? Are you one of those people who just wants to sit in your office and “do a job?” If you are, that is perfectly fine. The world needs all types of people. We need secretaries and trades people and lawyers and doctors and nurses and government professionals and teachers and accountants and...

However, for those of us who are entrepreneurial, and have a desire to own our own business, our lives are much different.

Entrepreneurs need to be brave and bold and a little bit forward. Entrepreneurs need to learn to wear many hats at the same time…almost. We need to wear the accountant hat, the marketing hat and the sales hat, to name a few.

Tell me, which “hat” are you the most afraid of?

In my humble experience, the “Sales Hat” seems to be the one that most entrepreneurs find challenging for them.

When it comes to the accounting, we can always hire an accountant to do that for us, but when it comes to marketing and sales, as entrepreneurs, we need to know exactly how to target our audience. We need to know who our ideal customers are, where to find them and how to approach them.

When I worked with the Fraser Valley College as a Business Consultant with the “Business Owner Development Program,” I had 32 different businesses that I was responsible for. It was my responsibility to join my assigned businesses in attending all the seminars held during the 10 month program. Then it was also my responsibility to meet with each of these businesses on a one-to-one basis in their own business helping them incorporate the things they were learning in the program into their businesses, for two hours every month.

Right off the bat, I discovered that it was impossible to help any of these businesses make changes unless I knew where their money was. So, the first thing we did was set up a 12 month cash flow projection with two columns. One column was for the planned income and expenses and the second column was for the actual income and expenses.

It was fascinating to watch these small businesses as we progressed through the development of the cash flow projections. They would see their bottom line getting deeper and deeper into the “red” and they would each exclaim, “I’ve got to get me a good salesman!”

Here is what I shared with them: “The minute you signed your name on that dotted line to start your own business, you became your own best salesman. If you cannot sell your own merchandise or services, then you cannot train someone else to do it for you.”

They did not like hearing this, but they all agreed that I was right. So we worked together to help them perfect their marketing and sales throughout the rest of the 10 month program.

The reason I share this with you is because all too often I meet with small business owners who expect that they just need to open their doors to their businesses, run an advertisement in the newspaper, and the customers will come flowing through their doors.

Today is no different than it was a few years ago.

We will never make a dime until we learn how to “sell”. Selling is accomplished through relationships. If we don’t become expert at building relationships and listening to our prospective customers for their need, want or desire, we will fail before we even get started.

When I was working with the Fraser Valley College, what I discovered was that 94% of the small businesses enrolled in the program were technically bankrupt. They had simply opened the doors to their business and then “flown by the seat of their plans!”

Are you one of these business owners?

Today we have more tools than ever before, with all the platforms online to accompany the traditional sales and marketing tools. What we need to do is learn how to use them in a way that will help us build the relationships we need and want for our businesses.

LinkedIn is the key to building these relationships. When you know how to use LinkedIn to find the perfect prospective customers and then nurture them into the kind of customers that will want to be your customers forever, you will have the “secret code” for your business.

Hire a LinkedIn expert to help you learn and understand the secrets of LinkedIn. Implement those secrets into your daily routine and you will get sales.

Here’s the thing…Sales don’t just happen randomly. Sales are the direct result of the strength of the relationships you build. –And LinkedIn is the best online platform to help you build these precious relationships.

Got a LinkedIn question. Ask and I will blog you an answer in my next article.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

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LinkedIn Tip #143- Who is Ready to Retire?


How old are you? Are you getting close to 60 years of age? –Or are you closer to 70? Do you have enough savings to carry your month to month living expenses for the next 30 years?

Yes! The Boomers are living longer than our ancestors. They are willing to invest in their health and their financial future, because they know that they will be living longer than their own parents did.

However, few Boomers can afford to do this.

In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 15% of the people living on the streets are seniors 55+ years of age! Were you aware of this? The number is even higher in the warmer climates.


If this is what is happening with the Boomer generation, then what can we expect for the young of the next generation? Are you / they prepared?

Now, this sounds like I am a Financial Planner, looking to sell you life insurance and investments. I am not. I am a boomer, just like so many others.

In the USA, 10,000 people are turning 60 years old every day! Many of these people are looking for something so that they can build a side income or find extra work.

I recently saw an article showing that 36% of the millennials are working side gigs while they are attending college or university. Any financial crunch will drive them to the point where more than 50% of them will be forced to work side gigs into their mid to late 50’s. According to this chart, these numbers rapidly increase as this population ages.

People are spending more than they bring in. If we cannot manage to spend less than we earn, then logically we will need to find a way to earn more money.

Am I right?

Did you know that most households would be able to pay all their bills without stress if they just earned an extra $300.00-$500.00 each month? Are you one of these people?

Many people are choosing to work extra hours at work whenever these are offered, or they take on a second job. How long will they be able to keep this up? How much will their families suffer from having parents away from home during evenings and weekends on a regular basis? (Eg: 60% of teen pregnancies happen after 4:00 pm. Is this what we want for our children?)

What can you do to achieve extra income without burning yourself out?

Who do you know that is looking for some way to fund their retirement?

I have found a way to earn the extra income you need, using LinkedIn.

Let’s chat!

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

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