Are you a Suicide Victim?


How devastating it would be to come home from school and find your Mom dead!

This happened to a girlfriend of mine when I was in high school.

We both caught the bus to and from school on week days. We spent after school and some time on weekends visiting each other's homes. And I really liked Tracy's Mom. We got along well and she seemed like a great person.

I knew that Tracy had a Dad, but I never saw him at their home. Nothing was ever said about his whereabouts. I just assumed that he did a lot of travelling for his work. I didn't even know what kind of work he did.

But you know teenagers, they are usually so caught up in themselves and their own challenges, they never really think about other people's circumstances.

One evening Tracy and I went to a movie in downtown Lethbridge. We caught the city bus to and from our movie and had a great time chatting about the characters and ... you know...the usual.

Tracy got off the bus before me, and I stayed on for a couple more blocks to my house.

All was well in my world. I got home and my parents were still up to greet me when I walked in. As the oldest of 6 children, I was not surprised to find that all my siblings were already in bed. It was not that late, but it was after 10:00pm.

The rest of the weekend went on like normal, and then it was back to school again on Monday.

I hadn't heard anything from Tracy, but that was not unusual because we didn't usually phone each other much, unless we wanted to come over for a visit.

I noticed that Tracy was not on the bus that morning, but thought nothing of it. I just figured she had a cold or something.

Then the next day Tracy was not on the bus again, and this went on all week.

Since Tracy was in my home room class at Lethbridge Collegiate, I asked the teacher if she knew anything about Tracy? I was not prepared for what I heard next!

Apparently Tracy had come home on the Friday night after our movie to find her Dad kneeling over her Mom. Her Mom had hung herself and he had cut her down.

The teacher said that Tracy would no longer be attending our school because she was moving away to another city.

This is when I discovered that Tracy's parents were divorced and that is why I never saw her Dad!

I was blessed with a stable family situation and never experienced people or families who were surviving divorce. People who were divorced were only a distant subject and were never spoken about in my home.

I have often wondered what could have been done to help Tracy's family and what ever happened to her?

Whatever the trauma is that has occurred in your life, there is deep grief as a result.  Often we think we can cope on our own, but fail miserably because we do not have the necessary tools to help us cope.

Come and get some answers to your own circumstances in life without feeling guilty.

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