How to be successful with your weight loss plan?


Did you invest in a weight management program hoping to find the secret sauce to an easy way of releasing those unwanted pounds you're carrying around?

With the obesity rate in Canada being at 36% of people over 18 years of age, over one third of the Canadian population is obese! Can you believe it?!

More Canadians than ever before are looking for the "secret sauce" to weight reduction and retention. They invest in a program with awesome products that they hope will help them achieve their goal. They think it will be easy and the weight will come off...bling! It is all in finding the right program right?

Think again!

No matter what weight loss program you use, it will not happen on its own. You need to put in the work in order for the plan to work.

The program probably has the best products in the world, but the products will not beat human nature. You need to stick to the plan. Once you embark on a weight management program of any kind, you need to make the decision that this is what you will do for the rest of your life.

There will be no turning back from this point.

Have you seen people get on a program and then a year later when you see them again, they have gained the weight back, plus some? What do you think when you see this result? Right! You think the program is no good, because it didn't work...obviously!

No! It was not the program that didn't work. It was the person who didn't work.

No matter what weight management program you choose, it takes hard work and dedication.

You cannot just take the products and expect to have huge results and stay there. You need to keep on the program, and that means that you need to exercise along with the program. If you want the results, you need to combine the eating program with exercise.

So get off the couch and out of your chair and start moving!

I am surprised at how many people purchase weight reduction plans and expect huge results. Rightly so! But they forget that it is a partnership that they are entering into.

When you embark on a weight management program, you are partnering with the plan as well as yourself. You are the key to making your program work.

You got yourself to where you are today. It is you that is going to get you out of that rut and on your way to great health and weight management.

To be successful, you've got to make a jump, a big jump into eating better and exercising 3-4 times a week minimum...and not just walking to the fridge and back.

Do you want to maintain that weight release? Then once you achieve your goal, you need to set new goals for yourself and your health. You need to keep exercising for the rest of your life.

There is no stopping once you achieve your success of weight reduction. That is where the real work begins. It is when the hard work begins because this is a commitment for the rest of your life.

Personally, I have been on my program since February 15th, 2017. I have achieved my weight release goal of 27.5 pounds and 44inches. This has resulted in 275 pounds of pressure being released on my knees!

I have advanced Arthritis, so to release 275 pounds of pressure on my knees is 'humungus'! My knees have not felt this great since I was 30 years old!

My weight management program did not do it alone. I have had to work for it. Now that I have achieved my goal, the real work begins.

I will be on this weight management program of eating healthy and exercise for the rest of my life!

What about you? Are you ready to make the jump?

Call me.

Christine Till

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