How would you like to get your “Black Belt” in managing your money? Alireza Fadaie, Eng. PFP, CHS is the Financial Sensei


Personal Finance Mastery: How to get your black belt in managing your money.
Would you like to take control of your personal finances but don't know where to start? Do you find personal finances boring and wish you could have fun with it? 
This book has a unique theme, different from the other books about personal finances.  With the challenged economy and changing demography, nobody can afford not to think about finances.  The time that you could exclusively rely on the government or your employer to take care of your pension and health care has disappeared.IMG_7730 (1)
Imagine you can get a black belt in managing your money and taking control of your personal finances.  The chapters of this book are divided like the color belts in martial arts.  In every chapter you will learn something new and get closer to the goal of having a good understanding about personal finances.
Ali has been working in the financial industry in greater Vancouver since 2004 and holds professional financial planner and certified health insurance specialist designations.
His achievements in martial arts include winning 2 silver medals for Canada in the World Martial Games and winning an award for outstanding contribution to martial arts from the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.
"I do what I do because I enjoy coaching and helping people and have seen firsthand how the lack of money management can be the cause of stress and disruption in families."
Meet Alireza Fadaie:
Get real with your money.6by9 dragon (1)