Li Tip # 103 - It’s not all about me!!!


A phone call came to me today asking me if I had decided to represent a new company. I was a little taken aback to say the least!

Why is it that people jump to conclusions so quickly?

I believe that marketing online is not all about me. Too many people can only think about themselves and getting business for themselves. They have a challenge getting their minds around perhaps thinking of helping someone else with their business.

If we are in business, we are in sales and marketing. If we want people to come to us for business, we need to be open to referring possible clients/customers to our competition on occasion.

If I cannot give my clients all the things they need, I refer them to someone I know who can provide that and do a great job for them.

So, as the Marketing Mentress, I help lots of other businesses market themselves and sell their products. I share the great messages that come through my home feed if I think that they are something that can help someone in my network.

It can be toothpaste or senior care products...whatever will help my fellow connections. If I cannot provide it, I will refer, or if it is someone I know, I will share their products or service with my network. After all, I have a fair sized network and am happy to help in any way I can.

I learned a long time ago that being online is not all about me and my own business.

The more people I can help get what they want, the more I will have come back to me in the long run. This principle has been proven time and time again through history. Every time customers were referred to the competition, the customers came back to the original company because they were so pleased that they were referred to someone who could help them.

As the Marketing Mentress, I help businesses in any way I can because it is not all about me.

How may I help you in some way, either myself or through my network?

For example, here is a company that is targeting the boomers with products and services that will save lives.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress





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