Li Tip # 107 - Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of trying to do everything yourself?


Help is here for you!

Is your online marketing for your business needing more attention than you can give it?

How much time do you have available to do all your own online marketing?

In my humble experience I have found that there is only so much time in the day before I needed to take note of how much time I spent 'on' my business and how much time I spent 'in' my business. There were some days that I literally wanted to throw up my arms!

Has that day arrived for you yet?

You probably notice that you are great at doing some things in your business, and not so great at others. Is that correct?

We cannot expect to be experts at doing everything. There are some things that we just have to bite the bullet and delegate to someone who can.

When it comes to your LinkedIn, blogging and social media marketing, what I hear many days is how business owners just do not have enough time in the day to be on their social media platforms...especially LinkedIn, every day. They do not have time to learn it, let alone work it.

So, here is an idea to mull over in your mind.

How much is your time worth? Are you worth $125 an hour or more?

If you spend 8 hours learning LinkedIn and blogging, will you know enough to be successful at it? At $125/ hour you will be spending $1000 of your valuable time in the effort.

Then count the time you spend on your social media every day. Say you spend an hour a day all together on all your platforms, including LinkedIn. Take Sundays off and that leaves you approximately 26 days a month, which is $3,250 a month of your time.

Plus you will want to learn how to blog, so count another 8 hours minimum plus an hour a week writing your blog...which will probably be more than just an hour a week when you are getting started blogging. That is another 34 hours at $125 per hour which equals $4,250. Wow! That's a total of $8,500 just for your first month!

That does not cover the investment in the training.

Training can be anywhere from $500 to$2500/day, depending on who you hire to train you per 8 hour session. So, add on say another $2000 for the LinkedIn and the Blogging training.

You are now at $10,500 start up cost for your first month.

After the first month, it will be costing you $7,000 a month just for your time spent doing your social media marketing.

Am I making sense now?

Are you wondering where you can go to get help with doing it all for you?

For less than a thousand dollars a month, you can have someone do all this for you and you can be concentrating on serving the clients that come as a result of having someone else doing your online marketing.

So, how much is one client worth to you? Let's say one new client brings you $1,000 a month. With 3-4 new clients a month, that would be bringing in $3-4,000 new money every month. By the end of one year, you could have $36,000 a month coming into your company.

Do you think it would be worthwhile hiring someone to do it for you?

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