LinkedIn and Online Marketing Packages

  Using Linkedin Basic like a Paid platform, without paying for it!


Christine specializes in LinkedIn and public speaking, teaching people how to use LinkedIn to build lasting relationships with their clients. She teaches how to use LinkedIn to build connections with key people for your business. Looking for people who want to make money through their strategic use of LinkedIn. Her goal is to help small businesses find their unique position in the marketplace through LinkedIn. When you have completed all three modules of the program, you will have your entire Linkedin marketing plan in place. Learn the secrets of the groups.

  Book a 30 minute introductory consultation - FREE 
  Coaching one-on-one: 
1. On the spot ideas to put your systems in place for targeting your LinkedIn market and see how to make those connections convert into sales. 
2. A workbook for future reference. 
3. Unlimited emails and phone calls to answer any questions you have regarding your LinkedIn campaigns. 
  One-on-one Tuition payable upon receipt of invoicing: $150 per hour for one person, minimum of 2 hours. (Plus $47 for each extra person in the session.) 
  Coaching can be done via Skype where I can share my desktop with you, or in person if you live in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area. 
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  Book a "How to get 80% of your business through LinkedIn" training day: 
Get everyone in your organization on the 'same page' with their Linkedin, so you have uniformity throughout your entire corporation. 
Teach your team how to use Linkedin for business, as a tool to find new clients and to set up meetings where you can speak about your company and what you have to offer. 
Learn how to mine the groups for the kinds of connections you want to build relationships with for business. 
Learn how to use Linkedin to keep those relationships current and top of mind. 
Learn what to post and how to post on Linkedin for your organization, so that you are offering value to your viewers/connections/prospective clients/clients. 
Get 80% of your business through LinkedIn.
 Full Day Tuition for training your entire company - $1,500 per day+ travel exp.


MM 404 - $500.00 + GST personalized package for 5 hours of one-on-one where we set up your own personal LinkedIn marketing plan.

MM 505 - $1000 + GST helping you set up your LinkedIn and co-ordinate it with your basic platforms, LI, FB, TTR, G+ and your blog. This includes coaching on your blog and helping you get it set up and helping write blogs for you as well as get you set up with an auto-posting system. 1 months duration.

MM 606 - $800 + GST hands on done-for-you after the original MM 505 set-up. 2 hours per week - 6 months duration.

MM 707 - $600 + GST hands on done-for-you after the original MM 505 set-up. 2 hours per week - 12 months duration.


$1,500 plus travel expenses for one full day.


LinkedIn Secrets of the Groups

Developing a Killer Profile on LinkedIn

Making it Pay with LinkedIn

Enhancing Your Personal Marketability

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking for Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do!

The Ten Commandments of Business Management

Hiring, Training, and Developing Staff

LinkedIn Workbook: $45 + Shipping + GST

LinkedIn Company Page Workbook: $25 + Shipping + GST

Fired at Fifty: Stop Looking for Work and Discover What You Were Meant to Do.: Order your copy - 1-780-904-9557


I look forward to working with you!