LI Tip #104 - Are you publishing on the Pulse?


Do you have something important to say? Are you sharing it on the LinkedIn Pulse?

Did you know there is a difference between "Writing an Article" and "Sharing an Update". Here's what happens with each one.

When you Share an Update, that post goes directly into your main feed. With all the postings happening on LinkedIn these days, your sweet little blog that took you hours to write will be long gone, and you will be lucky if many people ever see it.

When you Write an Article on LinkedIn, it is saved on your profile page, as well as it gets sent into your main feed. You can then repurpose your blog to show up at different days and different times of day once a month, so the people who did not see your post today will have a chance to see it another time.

Another reason you want to Write an Article is because of the search engines. Once you publish your article, it automatically is registered on the pulse. The pulse is where the search engines are the most active. When you write and publish regularly on LinkedIn, the search engines come to know you and when you publish, they search for your key words. The more you publish on LinkedIn, the better your writing becomes known.

It is all about consistency and quality using keywords. If you post a blog once a month, I hate to break it to you, but the chances of people seeing your post are slim to none. However, when you publish weekly, the search engines get to know your posts, so when your blogs are published, the search engines are right there within 24 hours helping make your writing known through your keyword areas.

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