LI Tip #110 - Are You One of the Ninety and Nine?


Do you have an email and password book? If not, you had better get one and pronto!!

There are programs to use online for saving email and passwords to all your platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Etc. But you then need to keep the email and password for the password site someplace safe.

UGH! So my solution is to just have a password book. In fact, now I have two of them.

As a LinkedIn expert, I am usually the last person to be called in when there is a challenge.

Most people tend to go on the platform and be a "Lone Wolf". They start setting up a profile and figure they can just muddle through it themselves. If they are really not computer savvy, they might call on their son or daughter in high school to help them set up their profile. And, for the most part, setting up a basic profile on LinkedIn should be relatively simple.

However, there are other obstacles that fall into play here.

Number one obstacle is that people do not write down their email and password that they used to set up their profile with. They think that they have used the same password that they use for everything online and that way they will remember it.

Think again!

Number two obstacle is that people think that using the email they have from work is a great idea. -But what if they are no longer working at that place of business? When they try to go in months later to retrieve their LinkedIn profile, they cannot, because the email is no longer valid. This creates huge challenges because you cannot even log into your account to change the email.

Number three obstacle is that people think they will remember their email and password, and when they go to log in, nothing works.

Hmmmm! Huge challenge. Obviously they did not use the right password, because of a type-o.

So here's what many people do. They set up a new profile! Hah! Problem solved! Not really.

Number four obstacle is that people try to delete the unwanted profile, but cannot, because they cannot remember which email and password they used for which profile.

Number five obstacle is that people have set up a profile and put lots of work into it. They have used the email and password from work, and now they no longer work there. But...they did remember to change the primary email on their LinkedIn profile shortly after leaving that position.

Good one!

But they cannot remember the password. Now here's the clincher. After they have changed the email on their profile to a new one, the next time they try to log in, suddenly they no longer can log into their account with the new email and password.

Yup! They did not write them down in a place where they can always find the email and password for LinkedIn. Also, they did not make the new email their "Primary Email". Nor did they delete the old email.

More UGH!

LinkedIn invites them to set up a new profile, and not understanding what is really happening, they set up another profile, trying to use the same email and password they used for their first profile.

LinkedIn will not let you use the same email and password for more than one profile.

Do you see the scenario?

Now they have two profiles, so they think that if they go into the old profile and change the email and password to the one they have on the new profile, they will regain use of the original profile.

Think again!

Now there are two profiles with the same email and password.

If you try to delete the new profile, because it has the same email and password of the old profile, both profiles will be deleted as a result.

You need to have different emails and passwords for each profile, in order to delete the unwanted profile. BUT, now you cannot go into the old profile at all, because you have the same email and password on both profiles.

Here is your solution...get in touch with LinkedIn to help you delete the unwanted profile and give you access to the old one.

It WILL cost you money!

The key to this scenario is to get help from an expert from the beginning and you won't ever run into this kind of challenge.

I am sure that the above scenarios are confusing to many of you. The key thing to remember is to just get help from the beginning, and you will be ok. Paying for a LinkedIn coach from the start will save you money in the long run.

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