“I will help you build your business.”

Christine's motto is:"I will help you build your business."

This vivacious, enthusiastic and intelligent entrepreneur, Christine Till, has 20+ years of marketing background in the hospitality industry, senior care industry and business management profession. She brings to your modern business theater a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in marketing. She is known for her unique relationship marketing approach through internet radio, commonly known as podcasting. 

Christine specializes with LinkedIn, coaching, public speaking and teaching people how to use LinkedIn to build lasting relationships with their clients. She teaches how to use LinkedIn to build personal connections and lasting relationships with key people for your business. Her goal is to help small businesses find their unique position in the marketplace through the use of LinkedIn and online platforms. 

Target market is the 40+ who suddenly find themselves faced with learning a whole new online marketing system. Christine's book, Fired at Fifty, is now available in print and Kindle. Her book is a story of her journey written in a self-help fashion, to help others who have found themselves in the same position...out of work with no prospects. 

Her LinkedIn workbook is also available. It is a handbook that attendees of her workshops will be able to use as a reference long after they have attended one of her workshops.

What Christine has learned through this process of building her own marketing program online is that many business owners do not have an online marketing system. Most business owners do not have time to do any online marketing. What if you could have someone help you with your online marketing every week for a year? What if you could have someone do your online marketing for you?